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aturday, 19th of February 2022, at 12:00 AM UTC, we just successfully hosted our 55th #AMArathon with PlayerOne, (which was been going on for ±81 minutes), and represented by:

Mr. Jaylen | CMO of PlayerOne

Some of you might didn’t participate or on there for it, you can look back at how was our #AMArathon went FROM HERE to RIGHT HERE. We are up with the recap of our #AMArathon with PlayerOne and we hope our audiences get a better understanding about PlayerOne. Happy Reading!

🔹1st Segment: Project Introduction🔹

Can you tell to us, your background, your title at PlayerOne, and the reason why you become a part of PlayerOne as the team behind it? What is your vision in PlayerOne?

Alright so let’s begin with me. I’m Jaylen as you can see from my profile. I got a chance to worked as an international marketing manager in some blockchain firms for 3 years and I am expert in marketing strategies and growth hacking. The reason why I join P1 is that I’m a NFT & Metaverse fan myself. I’ve collected a few NFTs in my own gallery as collections and PlayerOne has the vision of creating a metavers to allow everyone to build in the metaverse and I decide to achieve this with them.

What is Player one all about? What it’s unique? Why it’s different among other metaverse project?

Sure mate! PlayerOne is a sandbox gaming platform based on blockchain technology. It is divided into four sections: strong creative tools, vibrant social scenes, accessible trade marketplaces, and a Play to Earn gaming system. PlayerOne is constructing a world with an open metaverse. Everyone in this world may make special objects and structures, transfer original NFT works into Metaverse, enjoy NFT works by the world’s top artists, and converse with like-minded peers online. You may also capture a special pet in the metaverse, take it swimming in the virtual world, or train it, fight alongside it, and let it generate significant revenue for you through PVE or PVP.

  • Features: The production tool includes RoleEditor, SpaceEditor, VoxelEditor, and GameEditor.
  • Cross-platform system: Supports all platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux; no client is required.
  • Low entry barriers: The PlayerOne metaverse world may be experienced with a single link, and a personalized place can be built in five minutes.
  • Platform openness: allows for the import of cross-meta world characters such as 3D NFT characters like Meebits, as well as the creation of new games by developers.

Read more:

The name and the game was inspired by PlayerOne Movie and Cryptovoxel was the idea we first thought.

Can you tell us what is those features all about? How all these features can enchance user’s metaverse experience?

  • RoleEditor is basically a tool for editing your voxelrole character u can design your character at your own wish.
  • SpaceEditor is where you build your houses and places of your own where your characters live and gathers like Minecraft you see.
  • VoxelEditor is where you create voxelrole items like shoes shirts and pants and sell them in the market.
  • GameEditor is for players to edit or recreate games to play with their friends

All above are simplified by my own words you could check out details here under Creation Tools:

For sure any supported 3D source can be imported. All you need is an explorer and internet connection!

Can you describe how the game ecosystem in PlayerOne?
what is currency/token used in your game ecosystem? And what is the utility of this token?

We are a project with dual token mechanism. In simple words, Metaverse Gold(MG) is used in the PlayerOne ecosystem where players use it to purchase Mystery Boxes or Land Parcels it can be use to swap or stake our main token PlayerOne Token ($POT) where it will be circulated in the market. Tokenomics are not reveal yet tho but soon it will! Land Sales are similar to IDO somehow it’s open to influencers, parcels are open to all. In PlayerOne’s metaverse, the land is digital real estate. Parcels may be used by game designers to build and publish digital material like games or voxel models, as well as to add other assets to them. On the BSC blockchain, each Parcel is the sole non-fungible token (ERC-721 standard). There are 50,000 Parcels in all that will never be issued. You can let me know if you guys are interested in the Land Sale it’s a great opportunity to grab $POT early.

So can you tell to us what is your near future plans? What milestone that has been achieves so far?

Updated on Jan, 2022

  • 2022 Q1: IDO, VoxelRole Mystery Box, Parcel Mystery Box sale, NFT mining, LP staking mining, release role editor RoleEditor v1.0, space editor SpaceEditor v1.0
  • 2022 Q2: PlayerOne World Map, voxel editor VoxelEditor v1.0 release, the first batch of P2E custom gameplay
  • 2022 Q3: Pet Island, Adventure Island, the first self-developed game launch
  • 2022 Q4: Realize cross-chain system, PlayerOne Hub releases, GameEditor v1.0 releases


  • July 2021: Formation of a team and completion of the Pre Seed round crowd-funding
  • August 2021: RoleEditor v1.0, the first role editing tool, was completed and tested.
  • September 2021: Land smart contracts and Role smart contracts were completed and evaluated.
  • October 2021: Complete land and character transactions, as well as research and development of the world map module.
  • November 2021: Finish development of the second creative tool SpaceEditor v1.0, which will allow users to complete customize structures in 5 minutes.
  • December 2021: The $3.2 million seed round sponsored by SIG, The9, and GameFi Labs was completed, and the official website was launched.

When and where the IDO begin? When we can grab $POT in market?

We are currently writing the plan, dates are TBU but soon since it’s Q1.

Where we can grab also the VoxelRole mystery boxes? how much $ to have to get each boxes?

We are giving away tonight in this community. We’d host a giveaway every friday on twitter as well. It values around 20 $USDT for now!

The Land Parcels how much it cost each?

I can’t tell that yet it will be reveal in IDO phase. You can follow us closely to make sure you dont miss it!

🔹2nd Segment: Questions from Twitter 🔹

Question 1 from @amrirajput: PlayerOne being a platform for users to create their metaverse characters. Where does this characters can be use if we have created it? How we can use it on your ecosystem? And is it possible to use it cross-metaverse in the future?

A character (Voxelrole) itself alone cannot be used or played in our metaverse in order to take part in game, players have to equip at least a pants(The character is shy lol). Nude players won’t be able to take part in in-game events like daily quests/social scenes/Space visit or any other possbile scenes that needs character to be there in the ecosystem. When it comes to character, players could use them to play/build in our main game, once they’ve equipped some voxelrole parts(which can be found in the MysteryBoxes) and the rarity of the character comes from the average rarity of the item equipped which allow players to stake or show off in-game. Cross-metaverse is possible only when we start collaborating with other platforms we are currently collaborating with Element NFT, an NFT trading Market which is quite popular in the field these two months.

Question 2 from @syafii_hmad: I found it interesting that everyone can build a game without the need to code anything through GameEditor. What is the requirements to build a game through it? Is there any limit for users to build it? Let’s say if i built a game, is this playable for everyone?

Great question there, but the details isn’t quite ready yet as we’ve just completed our Pre A Private Sale, and preparing for Land sale real soon. I could tell roughly GameEditor often comes with game templates which you could find it in the Template Mall(Currently not available yet) and get one of the game template and edit it straight away. Once completed you could share it to friends that play PlayerOne and enjoy the party of your own group. Exact 0 knowledge is need to edit a game.

Question 3 from @maria_emina_: We often found many nft projects always inflated, their nft because the unbalance of supply & demand. In #playerone what is the mechanism you use to maintain the balance between supply & demand of your nfts? How you can guaranteed the value of nft will increase overtime?

PlayerOne features nine large-scale social scenes, such as amusement parks, PlayerOne Club, and other scenes, to let players perform social activities more effectively. players may enjoy a gaming experience while also earning token rewards by accomplishing activities in these scenarios. In addition to social scenes, PlayerOne has ten actions for effective interaction, and character actions are continually being added. PlayerOne also offers text and phone communication options. players may utilize the airplane to enjoy the trip and explore the PlayerOne world from a different perspective if they wish to see the landscape of the entire continent from the skies.

Self-developed Game: PlayerOne not only offers players an open sandbox environment to explore, but it also offers high-quality P2E self-developed games. The self-developed game will be created utilizing Unity3D and Unreal 5, as well as the PlayerOne platform’s autonomous IP and platform capabilities, and will give gamers with a first-class gaming experience as well as significant rewards. “Island X” is the codename for the first self-developed game. It is separated into three stages: pet capture, pet cultivation, and pet adventures.

Pet Capture: On Genesis Island, there are roughly 4,000 plots of land, and Pet X will come in varied numbers each time.
Pet X prefers sparsely inhabited areas, thus if you want to obtain Pet X, players should explore Genesis Island where there are few people.
When the pet is close enough, it will demonstrate that it is concerned about its surroundings, and the player will simply need to aim at the pet to catch it. Consider the following while catching pets: To be eligible to capture Pet X, you must have a PlayerOne VoxelRole.
There is a chance that pets will not be captured, and there is a daily restriction on the amount of catches. POT can be staked several times.

Pet Cultivation: The PlayerOne World Map will disclose a pet island where you may nurture Pet X. The pet island, which includes related systems such as: players may develop and maintain their pets using the pet island, which includes related systems such as:

  • Pet training
  • Pet upgrade
  • Pet breeding
  • Pet market

In addition to battling, players may bring pets with them and take them on metaverse adventures.

Pet Adventure: The Adventure Island will appear on the PlayerOne world map. The PVE lobby and the PVP lobby are both located on Adventure Island. Players can charge with highly armed dogs and get prizes. The number of Metaverse players constantly growing, but current design creation tools can’t keep up, thus PlayerOne offers a suite of open editing tools, including RoleEditor, SpaceEditor and VoxelEditor. We would ensure that our product will be ready before our tokens are listed or live. So as a Play2Earn project we make sure players earn in our ecosystem.

Are the NFTs tradable in open marketplace? Or it has to be in your own marketplace mate? And about technology behind it what blockchain you used?

We collaborates with 3rd party NFT Markets like Element NFT which is similar to OpenSea. We might seek out collaborations to more marketplace like that in the future. We are on BSC by the way and we are currently working with Voxel building teams such as Cthuwork to construct in-game artifacts as well. Check the work they done in Minecraft:

Can you tell to us about your partnerships or collaboration with other platform or venture capitals?

SIG, The9 and GameFi Labs led a total of US$3.2 million in angel round investment. SIG is the largest investment shareholder of TikTok, The9 is the operating company of the World of Warcraft in the early stage, and GameFi Labs is the GameFi fund in the cryptospace. As the project is backed by giant capitals, our fund is more than enough to support marketing & development. Everything is ready just a matter of time.

🔹3rd Segment: Questions from Telegram🔹

Question 1 from @MOHONA_Rm: As far as I know you have done a lot of AMA, my question is, what do you want to get from so many AMAs and what is your goal with the community? Do you consider the community a fundamental role in the project?

Yes user first is own product’s purpose and that’s the reason why we are giving our so many NFT boxes in the early stage.

Question 2 from @priyaapu4321: Ambassadors play a very important role in every project. Do you have an ambassador program? if yes please share it with us.

Yes we do have:

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