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Mad’s Crypto Corner #AMArathon with Anonverse Recap

🔹1st Segment: Project Introduction🔹

  1. V.Cash is a fully decentralized non-custodial protocol allowing private transactions in the crypto-space. As a decentralized protocol, Anonverse smart contracts have been implemented within the Binance Smart Chain
    blockchain which makes them immutable. They can neither be changed or tampered with. Therefore, nobody — including initial developers — can modify or shut them down. All governance and mining smart contracts are deployed by the community in a decentralized manner. As a non-custodial protocol, users keep custody of their cryptocurrencies while operating V.Cash. Indeed, at each deposit, they are provided with the private key enabling the access to the deposited funds, which gives users complete control over their assets.
  2. Crpto War.V provides players with a Metaverse-like gaming experience, where players can create their own digital identities, purchase public spaces to show themselves, and trade NFT cards on the NFT Bazaar. These experiences combine work, life, and gaming, with players participating in a Play-To-Earn DeFi economy and earning income in-game. At the same time, this provides a guarantee for the liquidity and continuity of the ANONVERSE ecological Token Economy System. Crypto War.V is a tower defense game where you take on the role of a cybersecurity expert in this cypherpunk interactive novel, fighting against hackers and other blockchain threats. Combine squad customization, base/tower building and simulation. Defend the blockchain! A decentralized gaming world where anyone can earn tokens through competitive or casual gaming. With the rise of the wave of digital collectibles based on blockchain technology, blockchain and gaming have proven to be a match made in heaven. While blockchain technology enables players to acquire digital goods that make games profitable, the gamification process creates an atmosphere conducive to learning and widespread adoption. Our diverse game development team perfectly blends the two game elements. The current gaming industry presents Crypto War.V with a unique opportunity to develop on mobile platforms, as putting power and earning potential in the hands of players in the booming tower defense gaming market will add a considerable amount to their gaming experience value, and their skills and talents pay handsome dividends.
  3. What is more attractive is the ecological construction of ANONVERSE with long-term vision and integrated thinking. ANONVERSE is committed to building the largest DAO platform in the crypto industry. The V.DAO community attracts global technology enthusiasts to join. You can create and display works in the ANONVERSE platform. Whether you are an application and game developer using traditional technology stacks such as Web SDK and Rust SDK, or any beginner who wants to learn to develop in Internet Computer, you can communicate with many technology enthusiasts in the community, and the high-quality resources gathered by the ANONVERSE platform will Power your projects and technologies. Here is more about V.DAO: The governance form of the V.DAO community not only breaks the current state ideology, but also creates a more diverse communication space for breaking technical barriers. You can have a go at the “Hackathon” competition held regularly by the ANONVERSE platform, or you can submit the code to be used to the community White Hat Organization for audit, and the V.DAO community will extract the ANONVERSE exchequer to reward and invest in the project with the highest votes. This move will be very attractive to many project parties, and the rigid demand of the project party for privacy transfer will naturally become an accurate user of V.CASH. At ANONVERSE you will be amazed by the vitality of the community.
  4. Other sectors in the ANONVERSE platform are essentially empowering the V.DAO community. Top technical talents in the community will be selected to create a richer ANONVERSE Metaverse space. You can work in V.Audit for bug bounty tasks, audit high-quality projects voted by the community, and audit imaginative products from other platforms. At the same time, you can also work in V.Launchpad and become a member of the project incubation team.
  5. Here is another important moving part of the Project: V. Launchpad. Multichain — One of the main differentiators of V.Launchpad is that it is not limited to a specific blockchain. Instead it can support projects from a broad number of networks, centralizing the highest quality projects from all chains onto one launchpad. The first launchpad by thought leaders. One of V.Launchpad’s unique value propositions is that it is built and supported by an exceptionally broad range of thought leaders, resulting in broader distributions, much better project exposure and more precise marketing.
    – Distributed and fair: The V.Launchpad allocation distribution system ensures that the number of onboarded supporters and IDO participants is as large as possible and that the staking requirements are as low as possible. Allocation winners will be transparent for all to see.
    – Forecast powered distributions: V.Launchpad introduces gain-only forecast mechanics which allow the community to predict the token price of a specific project 30 days after the launch.
    – No listing cost : V.Launchpad will never charge a listing cost.
    – Compliant with KYC regulations
    – Decentralized listings: V.Launchpad aims to become fully decentralized, giving control of all launchpad mechanics to the community, thus ensuring continuous support and engagement.
  • Build a blockchain technology exchange community and focus on public products.
  • Design and launch experiments
  • Support and extend them
  • Govern them together
  • Q3 2021
    – Trailer
    – Smart contract development
    – Contract review
  • Q4 2021
    – Game details and strategy
    – Partnership KOLS and VC onboarding
  • Q1 2022
    – TGE and IDO
    – Mini-games
    – Alpha test release game development continues $ANON Staking/Agriculture
    – NFT market launch
    – Public release of the game
  • Q2 2022
    – Beta test launch tournament begins (1v1)
  • Q3 2022
    – Android mobile app launches exchange listing partnership
  • Q4 2022
    – iOS mobile app releases exchange listing partnership
  • Q1 2023
    – More game features
  • Q2 2023
    – On Steam

🔹2nd Segment: Questions from Twitter 🔹

  • Q3 2022: Andriod Mobile Apps Release Exchange Listing Partnerships
  • Q4 2022: iOS Mobile Apps Release Exchange Listing Partnerships
  • Q1 2023: More Game Features
  • Q2 2023: Listing on Steam

🔹3rd Segment: Questions from Telegram🔹

  • Tamper: The first method is to use a modified or tampered client to load the game. This can be controlled by having a central authoritative server that acts as a referee between players during matches. The system can be bypassed in a number of ways, but detection is possible. We are working on ways to validate the game’s results and match three puzzles using various methods and algorithms. One of the most interesting solutions proposed was the introduction of an integration with Cartesi Machines. Recently, they released a proof-of-concept involving a poker game that involves simulating a player’s behavior from the client and replaying it in a Cartesi machine, or “Cartesi” validator, to determine cheating attempts. If Cartesi fits into our plan, as their product is still in the early stages, this may bring us closer to a solution to combat cheaters.
  1. V.Cash
  2. V.DAO
  3. V.Launchpad

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