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Mad’s Crypto Corner #AMArathon with EnjinStarter Recap

ednesday, 16th of February 2022, at 9:00 AM UTC, we just successfully hosted our 52nd #AMArathon with EnjinStarter, (which was been going on for ±149 minutes), and represented by: Mr. Joseph Khan | COO of EnjinStarter

Some of you might didn’t participate or on there for it, you can look back at how was our #AMArathon went FROM HERE to RIGHT HERE. We are up with the recap of our #AMArathon with EnjinStarter and we hope our audiences get a better understanding about EnjinStarter. Happy Reading!

🔹1st Segment: Project Introduction🔹

Ok before we deep dive into the EnjinStarter itself, I wanna know, what is your background detail, and why you decide to be part of EnjinStarter Mr. Joseph Khan ?

I started my career with Nokia doing product R&D for the Asian market. I worked with a lot of the Nokia developer companies which later become big F2P gaming studios. I also worked with Xbox and I was involved in major game launches such as Halo and Mass Effect. and worked with game publishers and many other games; some of which were making millions of dollars in revenues. We had one game where one player was paying US$1M a month to play the game! I was also Head of R&D at Grab in Singapore. After I left Grab, I invested in EnjinStarter and a few months ago decided to join them, because I really enjoy the gaming space and I am very focused on making EnjinStarter one of the best launchpads. The two founders are my very close friends and I invested in EJS and I felt my gaming background and connections with gaming studios and game publishers will help. My focus is to really bring top quality games to EJS and also to help them with gamer acquisition and gamer retention, something which a lot of games don’t think about or know how to do, but this is what I used to do for the big game launches when I worked with the Xbox gaming studios. the gamer I told you about, the one who was paying $1M a month to play the game, do you want to know why? This is USD 1M, not Rupiah haha. He was a sheikh in Saudi Arabia, and he wanted us to set up accounts for all the people in the villages that he controlled so that he will have a big army online as part of his faction. So we had to train people in his village how to play the game and every month put money into all their accounts, so that they can all become very powerful. He was the king of the game, biggest and most powerful clan. But if you want to talk about F2P, I was also involved in another F2P game, doing about US$15–30M a month in revenues, 98% of the gamers were free 2 play, the $15–30M was coming from the 2% who paid for the game. So this is important thing to understand to make a game successful. Blockchain gaming still does not understand this part and how to really become big but at EJS, we want to help them with all this knowledge and partnerships that we have.

So can you tell to us here, what is Enjinstarter then? What is Enjinstarter vision and mission in help this blockchain gaming era?

EnjinStarter is a launchpad for games and metaverse projects to do IDOs, but we are more than just that. We also help traditional gaming studios to come into the P2E gaming space and we help with incubation, acceleration and investment. But our big focus for 2022, is to help them with gamer acquisition. We are also setting up our own Gaming Studios and also setting up Metaverse studios, and we also plan to have our own Enjinstarter Orginal games. At the same time, we are working with big brand names and famous musicians with their gaming and metaverse strategy. These traditional gaming studios know how to make games that people love to play; we are talking to Xbox studios, PlayStation studios and steam studios. The musician is very famous; he has one song with 1B play i think. We just closed our Series A investment round; we are raising US$5M and we are using this money to execute all the plans we have mentioned.

I wanna know why EnjinStarter choose to be in the Enjin network (JUMPNET) ? I mean when you all decide to make this big idea you can choose another chain right? 

Enjin has a huge gaming ecosystem but we work with games on BSC, Solana, Polygon, AVAX, Fuse, etc.. We are focused on gaming industry as a whole; if u see a lot of the games we support are from other networks. Our goal is to find the best projects to work with and help them become successful. we have a new IDO coming, called Time Raiders, here is their video:

This game is developed by a very experienced gaming studio, their team worked on the top-selling games on PlayStation like Die Hard Trilogy and Aliens Trilogy and Star Wars Clone Wars. This game comes from the Enjin ecosystem but it will launch on BSC. This one IDO is on 17 March I think, it’s a very cool game. You have to travel back in time to hunt for special NFTs, you make money finding and selling rare NFTs. The first part of the game is ready and u travel back to 1940s London during World War 2. They will add more and more time periods later, you can even go back to dinosaur times. Ibeleive there will be 5 very rare dinosaur egg NFTs to find. These are the kinds of games we want to bring to EJS, games that make me excited lol; if I am excited then I am sure our community will be excited. But we are now doing much more due diligence and checking for each game; we check their tokenomics carefully, their team, their gameplay, marketing, etc.

Besides this game above,, is there any games or project will come up very soon? or has been scheduled to do IDO in EJS?

here you go!

🚀 Buckle up for upcoming IDOs on #ENJINSTARTER 🚀

🗓 17th February | Battleverse (snapshot taken 14th Feb, 11AMUTC)
🗓 22nd February | Plutonians | Private Allocation (Multiverse Club or 999D Stakers or Farmers)
🗓 28th February | Voltage Finance
🗓 3rd March | SharkRace Club
🗓 6th March | ritestream | Private Allocation (Multiverse Club or 999D Stakers or Farmers)
🗓 7th March | ritestream
🗓 9th March | Hydraverse
()🗓 16th March | Time Raiders | Private 2 Allocation (Multiverse Club or 999D Stakers or Farmers)
🗓 17th March | Time Raiders
🗓 Mid-March | Ozone
🗓 24th March | MetaFighter
🗓 End-March | Wizardia
🗓 31st March | Reign of Terror
🗓 TBA | Born to Die

💰 MUST STAKE/FARM to get allocation |

💥 Watch out for hidden clues in the individual IDO announcements to win unique NFTs and/or extra allocation!


We have more we are still negotiating and we have a big marketing budget to make sure we can keep attracting the best projects. Our new marketing campaigns start next week and this is going to be our biggest campaigns so far. And we are also going to have gaming tournaments for the games we are doing ido for. we will have prize money for the winners. And one more thing, we are going to start a competition next week. We are going to hide clues in our social media posts, you need to solve all the clues to find the answer. The top prize is US$10,000, winner takes all, BUT there is more! If more people join and more share, the prize money will keep increasing all the way up to $50,000. But to win is not going to be easy, you have to solve all the riddles. And after you solve the riddles, you will be given a secret location in the different games. In this secret location there is a special NFT, the first person to find all the hidden nfts will be the ultimate winner. If you watch the game videos, the answers can be found there and we will hide hints on our website as well. We want the experience with EJS to be like playing a game. It’ll be a cross game and the first post will come out next week. We will also feature the winner on a New York City video billboard in about 3 months. It won’t be easy to solve, we hired a game story writer to make these clues and riddles for us and some are very hard to solve.

Can you tell to us here about how to be part of EJS community? how to get a tier in EJS? or can you tell me the IDO mechanism in EJS and the tier system?

First i recommend getting your wallet KYC, here is the link to our guide:

Then if you want to be in our guranteeed pool, you need to buy 25,001 EJS or more. If you hold 1,250 to 25,000 EJS, you can take part in the first come first serve round but not in the guaranteed pool. Then you have to stake the EJS with us; here is the staking guide:

The longer you stake, the more benefits you get such as access to Private Sales, Exclusive Sales, and special NFT whitelist spots and you also get an allocation boost. If you need help, you can always talk to our modetators here in our telegram channel:

So is this all your nearly plan or roadmap? or is there any in EnjinStarter roadmap still not mentioned?

We have a 5 years plan, I wish I have time to share everything lol but it will take too long. We cannot publish yet because we are still negotiating with many parties but we are very close to releasing it.

🔹2nd Segment: Questions from Twitter🔹

Question 1 from @Kambon12345:
Having a launchpad offering on your platform is an interesting concept but what makes it unique from others? How will the team evaluate projects to be listed on your launchpad? Beside international regulations and KYC , what are the other requirements for the IDO projects?

We have deep connections with the established gaming studios and we are growing our relationship with them. Our focus is to bring gaming studios who know how to successfully launch games. I believe that is our big difference. Plus we want to help them to market their games and get real gamers to play the game. From 2022, we have been very strict with the game selection. I reject more than 90%.

Question 2 from @Jenykim1111:
EnjinStarter aims to provide a decentralised and permissionless fundraising platform for promising and innovative enterprises. Could you describe some of the issues with current IDO models, as well as your own solution to these issues?

The biggest issue was the post listing performance. And we suffered from that last year with our projects as well. Our top game did 50X but we felt we had to really re-think how launchpads work to bring real value to the community. That is why our focus is help the games post listing and make sure they have a proper strategy to be successful and do well. We have to help them a lot more than what we used to do. Now we do less IDOs but for each of the IDOs, we support a lot more. Marketing and promotion and guidance before the fundraising and then after their game is launched, we want to help with getting gamers to play and stay in the game. this is key. that is why if we don’t invest ourselves, we won’t support with fundraising. But we also look very carefully at their monetisation model as well; we need to make sure they can survive and keep going. this is the best way to protect the investors. We are taking a risk with this model but we have the team with the experience to execute this plan. It’s much easier to be hit and run; but to really work with the games and help them become a success take a lot of time and effort, but we love it!

Question 3 from @Iec_Ghram:
What advantages does your Launchpad offer new projects that gives you competitive advantage over existing Launchpad? IDO on some Launchpad are perceived to be unfair, so how is your platform going to ensure that it’s integrity is maintained by conducting a fair IDO?

We are here for the long term and we have VC investors who invested in us because of our long term roadmap. We are not interested in gimmicks and tricks for short term gain. We have big plans with big partners and to do that, we must have a very good reputation. I want to talk about this question a bit more…competitive advantage. This is important. We have a strategy for that which you will see in the next 3–5 months. After you see this, then I will come back and tell you remember the strategy I talked about? This is it. But right now, we have to keep this confidential. Basic definition of fair is to release the tokens at the same time as every other launchpad. But for me, fair also means, if we know a certain project has problems then we want to stay away to be fair to our community. Every launchpad makes money from the IDOs they do; the more IDOs, the more money they make. But our goal in 2022 is to do LESS IDOs compared to last year. Why less? Less means we can check each IDO more, we can market more, we can help them more in the long run, in our plan, our revenues will 10X because of this. But short term people think we are crazy to do less IDOs.

Question 4 from @cryptomanvai:
As Enjinstarter is a platform that will work with many projects, how will you ensure that your system is always transparent and that each company that is part of Enjinstarter, whether using its services, supporting the growth of the project, among others, is also transparent?

Good question. We invest in the all the projects we in are involved in and because we are decentralized, this information can be easily found. If you come to our community, you will see that we are very open and transparent. When we make mistakes, we admit it. When we want to plan new initiatives, we ask our community for feedback. We need our community to support us and for that to happen, we must first win their trust. And to win trust takes time to build. We are patient and we have a long term plan. For us this is not a sprint but a marathon.

Question 5 from @TheRock44556:
Partnerships are one way to get a better position in the market. Talking about strategic partnerships, does Enjinstarter have any partnerships or is included in any collaborations that may be beneficial to result in exponential growth for both team?

Partnership is key, we cannot do this alone. We are working with guilds, esports, esports hotels, gaming studios, data companies, distribution partners, celebrities, famous brands, tech partners, finance partners to help convert crypto to cash. We believe there is a big gaming revolution coming and we want to be in the center of this. Partnership is key to this. In the next few months we will announce some of these names and the best part is this, we ALSO have a marketing budget to push and promote these parternship announcements. The usual big names are all there but our real focus is regional and local partners all over Asia. I cannot reveal now but when we can, i will share with you guys first!

🔹3rd Segment: Questions from Google Form🔹

Question 1 from @VinRobert:
As far i understands, people who participate on IDOs are mostly looking for decentralization and didn’t want to do KYC and things around like that. People tend to choosing IDO than ICO/IEO are looking for that in my personal view. And it makes me wonder, EnjinStarter is using KYC terms for their users before participate on the IDOs, why is it in the first place? What make KYC launchpad far better than non-KYC requirement launchpad? And what is your measurements to keep your customers’ data safe?

We have to do KYC because we are a Singapore-based company and we have to follow the recommended guidelines. Honestly, we don’t need to do KYC but because it is recommended and we are working closely with big companies here in Singapore, we felt it is wise to do the safe thing. If we don’t KYC we can have more people join us, but as mentioned before, we have a long term plan and important parterships we want to get into.

Question 2 from @LinaRisa:
Projects are seeking launchpad platforms who will bring value to them in the long run, means not just for IDO only, but for pre-IDO and post-IDO too. My question is, what is EnjinStarter services for projects you are incubate to bring value not just for one-time fundraising only? If we compare it to other’s, why is it different and better?

I believe I covered this in detail above. That is exactly what we want to do. We want to help games get gamers and distribution channels. We have access to over 300,000 gamers and getting more every month. This is to help our projects to succeed.

Question 3 from @Caterpillar29:
This caught my attention, can you explain what is Enjinstarter’s #MultiverseClub? How we can get access to Private and Seed Rounds with your Multiverse Club? Is it required to hold a certain amount of the $EJS tokens in our wallets? If so, how much?

Ok to get access to Private and Exclusive rounds, there are 3 ways you can do it:
1. Stake 500,001 EJS or more,
2. Stake 25,001 EJS in the 999-Days Staking pool, or
3. Farm 25,001 EJS in the farming pool.
These 3 activiites help us the most as a business so if people do any of these 3 things, we will return the favour and give you special benefits. one of the benefits is the Private and Exclusive rounds. But staking in the 999-Day pool has even more benefit; you will get access to private or pre-sale NFT whitelist spots.

Question 4 from @haryh888:
Investors usually buy tokens that have potential increasing price or value in the future. I saw on web that EJS total supply is huge. Do you have plan for burning tokens and buy back mechanism in the future to reduce supply and attract more investors?

Yes we have plans to burn tokens; we have monthly burn mechanism but most importantly, we need to increase the utility of the token. more utility, more demand. and we will solve this with our own Enjinstarter games, Enjinstarter metaverse, and tournaments. We are more than just a launchpad but we had to start with the launchpad.

Is there anything else you wanna share to all Madians here mate?

Wow this has been going on for more than 2 hours! time flies! Your community asked some very good questions. Thank you for the Madians community hopefully what I have shared can be useful for all of you and hopefully you can join the Enjinstarter community. Happy to be here and i really enjoyed myself. Thanks guys!

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