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Mad’s Crypto Corner #AMArathon with GEMS Recap

uesday, 1st of March 2022, at 10:00 AM UTC, we just successfully hosted our 57th #AMArathon with GEMS, (which was been going on for ±127 minutes), and represented by:

Mr. Andy Koh | CEO of GEMS

Some of you might didn’t participate or on there for it, you can look back at how was our #AMArathon went FROM HERE to RIGHT HERE. We are up with the recap of our #AMArathon with GEMS and we hope our audiences get a better understanding about GEMS. Happy Reading!

🔹1st Segment: Project Introduction🔹

Can you tell to us here your background, and why you and your team decide to build GEMS?

Hey hi host, I am here waiting to start a GREAT session here for your community! Hi everyone, my name is Andy Koh co-founder and CEO of GEMS. A little bit about myself, my background has always been in the Esports, IT and Hotel industry. I previously managed over large scale eco system project 4B USD across South East Asia, India and Australia. My most recent involvement is a Esports Lifestyle Ecosystem platform. My current role is a vital role in GEMS. As the CEO I am overseeing the management of daily operation with my great team. Currently GameFi projects owns 51% of the entire blockchain market hence with so many GAMEFI project but there isn’t a 1 stop place platform that allow GAMERS to hop by and check out GAMEFI project and actually have a chance to buy and use the token within the whole ESPORTS ecosystem such as: NFT RENTAL, DAO GUILD, CLANS, P2E Arena, Defi Union and also FANFI, KOLS and STREAMERS that allow them to earn passive income in this sharing economy era. So we decide to start a ONLINE platform.


Can you introduce what exactly GEMS is? How will GEMS take Esports to the next level, Esports 3.0?

This is really good initiative by host. Earlier on, I gave a summary of why we are building GEMS. Now let me intro more about GEMS exactly!

Why GEMS naming? Each letter represent clearly what we are doing as a ESPORTS 3.0 aggregator platform.

GEMS Main Components and Product’s Feature To Complete A ESPORTS AGGREGATOR ECOSYSTEM

Without these components is like missing a spare part of a car resulting in half way journey. So we study and analyze the whole GAMEFI market along with IT technologies next 5 years. Such as Web 3.0, Metaverse, Esports, Gamefi and Digital Concerts etc so along with the market and studying clearly what the gamer’s are growing up and things that are gaining traction and popularity. We formed GEMS!

These propel ESPORTS 3.0 into BLOCKCHAIN.

GEMS want to be the industry leader and first mover to capitalize on ESPORTS into BLOCKCHAIN through GEMS online platform. GEMS is just like why we love to go big SUPERMARKET because they have EVERYTHING. Think of us as the Super Indo but in GAMING!

What will be the ultimate products on GEMS’ ecosystem? and How GEMS bring solutions to the recent cryptocurrency’s major components?

Benefit: Esports have complete eco system thus getting more different users doing different things. So the 1st is need to have competitive gaming then we can have more different users onboard the ESPORTS 3.0 which we define together with Defi, Web 3.0 and sharing economy in today modern rave. 2nd-Once we have ESPORTS and USERS then we start to build a platform within the whole ESPORTS eco-system and get everyone to be involved in an infrastructure fully secured by encryption, that enables gamers and game company to perform transactions directly with each other, without needing SHOPS/ESPORTS company/agent to act as intermediaries which ensure a more direct costing to gamers buying NFT in market place etc.

GEMS platform solutions

We focus on sharing economy and our solution to resolve the opportunity/problem. Since such a great host, for everyone to learn, I will share this to you guys only, the ESPORT ECOSYSTEM:

We have to made gaming finance not a BARRIER. Our job is to remove gamer’s barrier through GEMS PLATFORM. Major components and we grow as the market is ready for us to move also. Oh yes I will share 1 more for you, Why GEMS PLATFORM FOR NEW GAMER?

GEMS definitely have capabilities on track the game too, like the genre, profit, total players, etc. We also have HALL OF GAME, WATCH 2 EARN so everyone that play or support the games get rewarded with our GEMS TOKEN as well. It is important to look at projects that they have clear usage of how the TOKEN is being used otherwise the trading volume will never be there.

Can you tell us how would you reach the GEMS goal? Or can you share about your partnerships to us?

  • INVESTMENT: Over the past month, GEMS has successfully raised over 5M+ USDT and attracted top-notch VCs and blockchain investors to invest in our projects like GAINS Associates, Cabin VC, DEXT FORCE, AvStar Capital and many more others including LAUNCHPADS.
  • PARTNERS: On top of that, we have encountered over 40+ ecosystem partners including GameFi heavyweight players such as Dreams Quest, Project Seed, FOTA, The Kill Box, Cross The Ages, Solchicks, and many more.
  • USER ACQUISTION: Not to mention, GEMS is currently working with our partners in Southeast Asia, to expand our ambitious ESPORTS hotel network in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam & Cambodia so that through our offline partners, we can do more real awareness leading to bigger esports tournament at SEA level.
  • LISTING: We will focus on next BULL RUN so that during this time we can do more marketing hype for our projects and I believe earlier on already mentioned those TOP TIER exchange we are working with.
  • LAUNCHPADS: We have 2 confirmed LAUNCHPADS however strategic partnering between us means we win together with products and user which is your 300K gamers + 100+ projects including our ESPORTS 3.0 PLATFORM. This is surely gonna be a very huge announcement for both side since this is not another single GAMEFI’S partnership.
  • COMMUNITY: Till date we have completed over 20 AMA with a total of over 500K users and another 10 or more panels to discuss and moderate potential and current partners through BINANCE LIVE, BGA and other TOP Gaming Communities.
  • MARKETING: We already currently finalizing working on final PRESS RELEASE letter with TOP TIER PR news agencies such as Yahoo FinanceYahoo NewsYahoo MoneyMenafnExciteAsiaOneMarketwatchBenzingaTechTimesInvestingIBTimesFXStreetWorldNewsBloombergNasdaqDigitalJournal & CoinMarketCap.

At our private round not even PUBLIC. We already raised over more than 5M USD! We also did our BINANCE LIVE, mot just 1 but 2 events!

Gamer!On Your Marks at Binance LIVE.
20+ AMA in 30 Days

And we still doing more for another 30+ AMA in the next 30 days. We have several good TOP TIER launchpad such as POLKABRIDGE and also in talks with DAOMAKER and ENJIN STARTER. We want to LIST on the next BULL RUN as we are hurry to gather investment. We want you and others that believe, seen and experience our story, product and team then together with a good time. We go for listing in the next BULL RUN so every public investor like you will RAMP OUT OF THIS PANEDMIC and win together! I will love to give the date of IDOs, however I will be lying if I do so as we depend on a GOOD BULL RUN then just setting a date which we can do anytime but to WIN BIG together. It’s best to watch the market and move with it!

What is $GEMS uses cases in your ecosystem?

Yes definitely!

  • GAMEFI: Gamers can use our token to purchase RARE, LIMITED, POPULAR and HOT NFTS for many different Gamefi project aggregated within our platform.
  • ESPORTS: Players can earn money by joining competition created by our system for the game developers. So players from many different games can come check out the daily competitions and participate to have a chance to win more prize money generating more income for themselves.
  • METAVERSE: Social users can build a digital ESPORTS avatar with 3D emotional expression and enter into METAVERSES to enjoy their 2nd life in the digital world. We help to create that METAVERSE mandatory requirement.
  • SOCIALFI: Fans, Influencers and KOLS can use our token to support players, donations to team and also received rewards when they do something on our system.

And I want to share more, FANFI STUDIO we called it in GEMS.

Also a ACADEMY to help non-blockchain users onboard as welll. Everyone can rewarded by doing something from GEMS’ ecosystem. We are in DEFI world hence we follow the trend to follow them instead of creating them which is very tiring. Let’s made economy fair to everyone and through ESPORTS + BLOCKCHAIN + DEFI. Our NFT Rental so musician and artists can have supporters to support them to pay in installment as well. Also donations using GEMS token again and since we are on BSC which is the NO.1 exchange right now it is every easy to peform P2P at very low gas fees.

According to the roadmap, how will the development of GEMS go? What will be the biggest milestone you are trying to reach in the near time?

I believe a picture tells a good idea connecting to our product! 1st MAJOR MILESTONE: NFT RENTAL FOR GAMERS

NFT In Game Assets Rental For Gamers
History & When To Return NFTS

It’s like borrowing books to get SMART and GEMS is borrow in-game assets to get MONETIZED. All P2E games in future require NFT In Game Assets so we know this big proble in future and already happening, Example AXIE now need min US$92 to just play the game now. We are planning to launch our product with NFT Rental capabilities in the next 2 months. Our focus is still users who want to monetize by playing games. Once we settled the financial then they can focus on training games and then join tournament without worrying about money and get into unecessary FIX MATCHES. First we solve the GAMER’S FINANCIAL problem first through NFT RENTAL then everything can be developed over time within the ESPORTS eco system.

🔹2nd Segment: Questions from Twitter 🔹

Question 1 from @TilkiMusaa: One of the features of GEMS is NFT RENTAL. Can you explain us about these features particularly? How will the NFT RENTAL engage the next generation of eSports on the Blockchain with this multiple features? What kind of NFTs will you offer to the NFT RENTAL?

Our NFT Rental Marketplace will soon and first roll out to the market, so games no longer need to develop their standardized marketplace SDK and we can get more games to give us their NFT to be listed on our platform. Secondly, our NFT marketplace is now able to support polygon, ETH, heco, OEC and BSC. We believe this is the most wide-ranging multi-chain marketplace we have in place at the moment, also we support various ways of payment methods (which very few other marketplace will be able to support), i.e. native token of each chain + USDT / USDC + any selected token of that chain (for example, if it is a BSC NFT, u can choose to transact in GEMS token or the game’s native token). Our NFT include Games In Assets, Music and Arts. We also exploring METAVERSE but is still abit to early to discuss that as there isn’t a clear winner in the market. Once that have been established then we can follow that direction to work with the leaders to create NFT to enter METAVERSE for a true immersive experience using AR headset or just HOLOLENS.

Question 2 from @babycrypto14: I read that,you have implemented the system of FANFI studio,as an additional income source for the Streamers and influencers. So,how is it different from the traditional donations? How can this system be a win-win situation for both the donor and the streamer?

It’s so sad because in traditional ESPORTS gaming we have to BEGGED basically and I am the ESPORTS consultant in SEA and have consulted many big ESPORTS Team: TEAM EVOS, TEAM FLASH, IMPUNITY, MINESKI etc. They all dont rewards the FANS or STREAMERS. They just pay them whenever there is job. So by joining GEMS platforms, we rewards users based on their activites done on our platform and give them tokens as a results of their contributed work. A user also can become a gamers, fan or influencers and generate all types of incomes. Not just GAMING alone. Why not combine all if the person can do 3 things and we use GAMIFICATION to track their activity and contents done on our platform and also reward them. We also work with METAVISA to track user rating that allow them to borrow our tokens as well if their credit rating is good. Just like a credit card: Use now pay later. And I have build similar complete ECOSYSTEM but with BLOCKCHAIN is even better!


It’s hard to bring BLOCKCHAIN into TRADITIONAL ESPORTS because the INFRA is not 100% BLOCKCHAINED. We move together with Web 3.0 and DeFi!

Question 3 from @phamtrungck: Can you show me $GEMS token distribution? What are the additional benefits of holding $GEMS tokens over those that don’t hold $GEMS tokens and is there also any benefits for long term holders?


So if you plan to hold long with us we will have STAKING for you to earn more rewards. We also have a DAO guild that give you the power to VOTE and when you VOTE you also get to be rewards again. Being a ESPORTS aggregator and unlike any other single game project we are going to be for very long. Earlier on I mentioned GEMS is like a PREMIUM SUPERMARKET for gamers like SUPER INDO. SUPER INDO don’t close the shop, they focus to provide the space and monthly benefit for the users just like GEMS. Super Indo is like a MAZE too huge and have everything. I was working for P&G before in Jakarta and stay there for long time.

🔹3rd Segment: Questions from Telegram🔹

Question 1 from @Mrunali14: A strong community not only brings interesting ideas to the project but also attracts larger partners. So how does your project plan to build its community? And is there a plan to recruit people with Blockchain experience to the team?

GEMS has a competitive advantage which is leveraging local community to drive local community events such as:

  1. Looking for Blockchain Streamers
  2. Join P2E Games and Earn $ Through 1-2 hours of Gaming.
  3. Creating a digital avatar and digital wallet

This is done through our ESPORTS manager from Arena Esports Hotel which is also our partner who will be installing GEMS PLATFORM in all their ESPORTS PC inside the hotel room. Let me send a video to you.


Question 2 from @RARASHIBRA: Trust is very important in business, what makes investors, customers and users feel safe when working with your project?

You have to look at our founding member’s background who have reputable image in their world as industry leaders or either serving top companies. We are not just taking anyone from the street or school and put them into our organization chart.

GEMS Mastermind
Our reputable advisors

Even our advisors have run and own their blockchain company and not just a blockchain but top tier blockchain projects. and also my great team who have done their 2nd project this year.


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