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Tuesday, 1st of January 2022, at 12:00 PM UTC, we just successfully hosted our 50th #AMArathon with Kitsumon, (which was been going on for ±98 minutes), and represented by:

1) Mr. Simon Buckingham | Head Marketing of Kitsumon
2) Mr. Tobias Fuchs | Community Director of Kitsumon

Some of you might didn’t participate or on there for it, you can look back at how was our #AMArathon went FROM HERE to RIGHT HERE. We are up with the recap of our #AMArathon with Kitsumon and we hope our audiences get a better understanding about Kitsumon. Happy Reading!

🔹1st Segment: Project Introduction🔹

Okay before we start jump in to the Kitsumon itself, im pretty sure that all madians here want to know your both background, what is you in Kitsumon, and why you decide become a part of Kitsumon as a team? Why you develop Kitsumon?

~Simon: Hey everyone! I am Simon Buckingham, Head of Marketing at Kitsumon, my background is over a multitude of industries, more recently in AI/Iot. I am actually relatively new to the Crypto space, but I developed a passion for Blockchain and the technology, coupled with my love for Gaming – this was like a match made in heaven for me personally!

~Tobias: Hi everyone, I’m Tobias, Community Manager at Kitsumon. I’ve created, grown, and managed several crypto Telegram groups in the past and have known the core team here for several years. I love interacting with people and making sure each individual’s voice is heard. At Kitsumon we care about the community and take all feedback seriously. I decided to join Kitsumon because I love the concept and because the team here is really nice.

If we look many gaming blockchain pop up right now, its make me us hard to choose right? So for the first, can you describe what is Kitsumon Game? What is the Idea behind the making of Kitsumon game? What is Kitsumon mission exactly?

~Tobias: I will answer this one! When we saw the potential of CryptoKitties and its ability to create a ‘new’ collectible creature that would be ownable by an individual, we were immediately excited. Was this the next Tamagotchi? Almost, but you didn’t need to feed it and it didn’t really do anything. The potential was already there – it just needed to be taken to the next level. The idea was to have a pet creature, that was unique, cute yet cool that needed to be looked after and played with. The concept of making them types of cute birds that progress from chicks to adults emerged and an interactive way to feed them came along with it. All it needed was something fun to do with them, back then we thought about racing. This idea then grew over the years and evolved, birds changed into foxes, racing changed to DOTA-style battling, and professions expanded out to make it a truly lifelike gaming experience. Kitsumon was born.

So can you describe about the game concept in detail guys? And in this play to earn era, as we know gaming blockchain is connect with their own currency, maybe you can describe too about game concept and what is currency that used in Kitsumon? How players generate earn in your game?

~Tobias: Do you want to answer this one Simon?

~Simon: Sure I can take this excellent question. Kitsumon is an NFT game about collecting, breeding, and caring for adorable Kitsu pets. It can be played in a variety of different ways depending on what playstyle(s) you enjoy. From professions like Farming, Fishing, Crafting and more, and an in-depth breeding system, all the way to MOBA PvP modes and land acquisition, Kitsumon has everything and more. Our vision with Kitsumon is to make a game that goes beyond the basic novelties of NFT crypto games, and actually offers users a triple-A gameplay experience. This is a very small overview and can assure you this game is going to be amazing!

So i just read about your $KMC too, it use as your game currency right? But i read about KANDY as well, can you describe the uses case of both? whats the different?

~Tobias: I can elaborate on that. The $KMC token will be utilized for many aspects of the game’s economics, from future Kitsu Egg sales, shop purchases for utility items, NFT asset trading on our marketplace, and more. It is hosted on Polygon’s MATIC network to ensure low transaction fees for a smooth user experience. We will be having one other currency as well called KANDY, that is designed purely for use inside of the Kitsumon world. It will be purchaseable with $KMC and also be earnable as a reward for in-game activities. KANDY will act as a buffer between the volatility of traded tokens and the in-game store, keeping prices stable. It will be useful for purchasing daily power-ups, subscriptions, items and more.

So, what makes Kitsumon different than others? What is your competitive advantage?

~Simon: I can take that. Other games in the industry like Axie and CryptoKitties have seen massive success, but there is an issue of keeping users interested in the game in the long-term that has not currently been met in our eyes. Kitsumon aims to offer a far broader spectrum of activities that users can engage in with their Kitsu NFTs, to ensure that players will have a great time with the game even beyond the NFT and cryptocurrency aspects that it offers. Our game is aiming to attract not just blockchain gamers, but to spearhead this entire industry toward the general gaming market as well. We want EVERYONE to get involved!

Can you tell us your plan ahead? Maybe integrate with other chain in the future? Or can you elaborate on your key milestone in this upcoming month? Or in other words can you share all your roadmap?

~Tobias: Sure I can. We have been listed on CMC and also Coingecko at this point, and we use Matic. For now Matic has everything we need, but we’re always ready to adapt if needed and utilize other chains in the future. As for the roadmap it’s pretty large haha I will summarize some of the main points. So in late March we will be launching our first playable feature: breeding. Users will be able to breed their Kitsu creatures together and create babies. We have some really cool 3D models that were made by ADIA, a big game studio that worked on games like Call of Duty, that’s the plan. Later this year we will be launching the Profession system where people can buy land and use it to do professions like fishing, farming, crafting and more. All of those will also give them NFT items that they can use or sell on our marketplace.

Can you spill or give us sneak peek about this 3D models if its ready now?

~Tobias: Yeah I can show you one.

This is the first model we have ready. Name is “Pharaoha”, an Egyptian Kitsu! In 2023 we want to expand our game with open-world gameplay where people can walk around and visit places with their Kitsu. We have a lot of cool things planned.

Talk about your NFTs, i just read and really curious about your INO – Iitial NFT Offering, which is still going on right now, right? Can you elaborate on that? What is inside this sale? Where madians can buy these kitsu NFT?

~Tobias: Of course, let me explain how it all works. So we are working with multiple INO platforms and marketplaces, over the next month for our pre-sale They usually fall on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday All pre sales will be a Mystery Box system, $175 buy it now price, this includes one Kitsu and one Infity potion, that you will be required to use once breeding is activated to actually breed the Kitsumon. After the launchpads and marketplaces we are holding two days where people who have staked $KMC in our pools have chance again to buy mystery boxes from the website Once all the pre-sale is complete, we will move directly onto the public sale which will be on the marketplace. The public sale will last two weeks, there is 3220 eggs in the public sale, and we will randomly list 230 eggs per day (fully revealed) where people can bid on them. The public sale auctions will be english auctions and payment in $KMC only. Each box has 1 random Kitsu NFT and 1 Infinity Potion. You can get any rarity of Kitsu from the box I have a nice image that shows the different rarities that are available. There are 20 eggs in total.

The auction will start on the 10th this month.

~Simon: Here is an exclusive AMA announcement just released:

🔹2nd Segment: Questions from Twitter🔹

Question 1 from @Meiko_951: Every gaming project is currently creating their own Metaverse on the most recent created platforms:in fact, it is a pattern everyone is adopting. What aspects of the metaverse will be used on the Kitsumon platform that will makes it interesting and vastly different from others?

~Tobias: So there are several things that make Kitsumon different from other metaverse games out there. First, we actually focus on how enjoyable the game itself is and how good it looks. Many of the current crypto games are in 2D and with bad graphics. Second, Kitsumon gives a large variety of gameplay styles that are all very high quality on their own, but become even better when you participate in all of them. Our game is designed so that all the gameplay styles work well with each other, and so people can play in whatever way they enjoy the most. The whitepaper is here if anyone else wants to read it too: LINK

~Simon: I am sure we can arrange multiple languages for the whitepaper.

Question 2 from @PiloT9804: It caught my attention that Kitsumon states that there will be the option to Play for Free on your game, but I was wondering, how much will we be able to play for free and under what conditions? Also, when users can play for free there is often a limited amount of time?

~Tobias: There will be several ways for people to play our game for free. The first one that will be implemented is Scholarships. There will be programms called “Learn & Earn” where people can play our game for free and learn about it. It will be organized through our Gaming Guild partners like MGG (MetaGamingGuild). If you have a bit of money but you dont want to buy the Kitsu NFTs for $175, you can wait for a little bit until our marketplace opens up instead. People will be breeding their Kitsus and the lower-quality offspring will be sold cheaply on the marketplace. So you can buy yourself some Kitsus from there. Lastly, later on we will also implement mechanics that let people play the game completely for free, with some activities that they can do without using a Kitsu at all. It will also include some ways to “earn” themselves a basic Kitsu or to catch it if they are lucky. The details on this will be provided later this year once we know how we want to do it exactly.

Question 3 from @Market71523145: Kitsumon is a game with great potential. But,many games have failed to gain user base,due to the need of high initial investment. So,what are the pre requisites and initial investment required to play and earn in the kitsumon game?Will it be affordable to all users?

~Tobias: I will elaborate a bit more on it anyway. So all you need to play the game in the beginning, is atleast 1 Kitsu NFT. You can still make babies through a mechanic called “Siring”. Players can offer their Kitsu for siring, and then another player can pick it. Basically, it means you are offering your Kitsu up for breeding so that other players can use it. So you can pay someone else some KMC and in return you can breed your Kitsu with theirs, and you keep the baby. If you have atleast 2 Kitsus though, you don’t have to use this mechanic at all. You can just breed them together all on your own. It will be affordable for people because even if you don’t have $175, you can just wait for the marketplace to open up and then buy a cheaper hybrid from there.

Question 4 from @Efri38095207: What are the ways in which I can increase the value and powers of the different “Kitsu” in the game? Once this is achieved, what are the benefits to the player of having the best “Kitsu” in the game? This would increase the likelihood of improving performance or profits?

~Tobias: Kitsus can be leveled up through doing activities with them. Leveling them up will improve their stats, so they will get better at stuff like farming and fishing. They will also become stronger in combat and unlock new abilities. It’s similar to Animal Crossing too with the professions.

Question 5 from @0JeanWayne: I was surprised to know about the names and the list of Kitumon’s partners and collaborators. How important do you think are partnerships for a project? Do you think having more partners could be a key role for a project’s success and sustainability in the long run?

~Tobias: We definitely have a large list of partners, but we also believe in quality over quantity. All of the people we have partnered with are very high quality and will be valuable to work together in the future. For example the partnership with MGG that will be offering the Scholarships. We’re always looking to partner up with more people and expand our network, to make sure we can bring Kitsumon to as many people as possible.

🔹3rd Segment: Questions from Telegram🔹

Question 1 from @manushik12: Where can I currently buy Token?

~Tobias: You can buy on QuickSwap and SushiSwap. Contract address is 0x44d09156c7b4acf0c64459fbcced7613f5519918.

Question 2 from @NescafeToast: I love your project but still not convince on investing my funds. So can you tell me atleast 3 good reasons why I should invest in project?

~Simon: I would say the team is very important, to understand that we have major experience in multiple areas, not just gaming and blockchain. This gives us a unique edge. The game itself begin very unique with the likes of the professions and DNA building, I think this will give great excitement and gaming pleasure to so many users of the game. There are some insane features and inclusive options for this game! Finally, I would also point out further our extensive plans in our roadmap and beyond, we will not just stop at the game itself, I cannot mention much more right now other than to always keep an eye on our socials – ready for the next big moves!

Question 3 from @JM_Yakub12: Can you share some Details about Recent Major Achievements done by your project? Also, what are the Future Roadmap & Targets of your project Sir plz tell me?

~Tobias: We’ve successfully finished our TGE and coded our Marketplace that will be used for the public auction and Kitsu trading. Currently we have our INO ongoing with more info here! You can find our full roadmap here!

Question 4 from @SR_RanJu18: What is your main focus right now, are you focused on the community or market/Exchange or the products?

~Tobias: The #1 focus is on our game itself. We believe that the token price should grow naturally and organically so we’re not worried about it.

Question 5 from @sanjida1006: Which do you think is more important, Community, investors or Token price? If all of the above is important to you, which should come first?

~Tobias: I would say the #1 focus is actually none of those three. The biggest focus is the actual game we are making – it’s our priority to make a really awesome game that people will actually enjoy playing. After that, community would have to be the next biggest focus. We always try to take in consideration any community feedback.

Is there anything that you want to said that not mentioned before?

~Simon: Thanks for having us and being amazing hosts. Don’t forget the INOs launching tomorrow. Oxbull & Gamestation tomorrow!

Official Kitsumon INO Schedule

read full about Kitsumon INO schedule here : LINK

~Tobias: You can join our telegram group here! And follow us on Twitter here!

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