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Mad’s Crypto Corner #AMArathon with Monster Saga

Monday, 14th of March 2022, at 12 PM UTC, we just successfully hosted our 63rd #AMArathon with Monster Saga, (which was been going on for ±109 minutes), and represented by:

Mr. Facioni | Monster Saga’s Head of Marketing & Community

Some of you might didn’t participate or on there for it, you can look back at how was our #AMArathon went FROM HERE to RIGHT HERE. We are up with the recap of our #AMArathon with Monster Saga and we hope our audiences get a better understanding about Monster Saga. Happy Reading!

🔹1st Segment: Project Introduction🔹

Could you please introduce yourself, your background, and possibly tell us something about your team members who worked on this project, as well as tell us why you chose to be a part of Monster Saga?

Sure. So I’m Facioni, and I’m the head of Marketing & Community for Monster Saga. I’ve been in the Crypto industry since 2018 and decided to dedicate myself into Web 3.0. I’ve worked as marketing for several projects in the past, such as Monsta Infinite, Kaiju World, Souni, etc. Our members are game enthusiasts from all over the world, mostly from the Philippines. We really want to make P2E work as it’s a big thing in the Phillipines.

So can you briefly describe what is Monster Saga? What makes Monster Saga different than the other P2E games in the market?

Thanks for the question. Monster Saga is a Play-to-Earn game built on Binance Smart Chain. Players need to purchase a random rune and summon your Saga to start your adventure. After summoning the Saga, you can choose the enemy to fight with, earn MTS token rewards along with experience points. Once the players choose to claim the valuable rewards, the players will need to either contribute a large portion of the reward to the prize pool to claim, or Saga NFT will burn and sacrifice themselves to help players fully claim the reward, and part their journey with the players. Monser Saga hopes to bring a new P2E Era to GameFi, where the balanced ecosystem can finally arrive!

As you know many game pop up rn in this crypto spcae, what makes Monster Saga different than the other P2E games on the market?

I’d say the biggest difference is that we built a burning mechanism for reward claiming. The token rewards obtained from monster battles will be stored in the metadata of the Saga NFTs. When players want to make a withdrawal, the NFT would be burnt and players would be able to claim tokens stored in the NFT. Another way is to take a 75% tax and claim 25% reward while keeping the Saga. Players can freely choose the withdrawal time and do not need to pay any taxes, or pay large tax to keep their rare Sagas. You can withdraw immediately after you make your ROI, or you can continue to fight for extra income. The only thing to keep in mind is that the complete withdrawal requires NFT burning. After withdrawal, if players want to make new income, they need to spend tokens to mint new Saga NFTs. This prevents endless single NFT mining, and creates the need for minting, which controls inflation of the token. It’s very different to the P2E games in the market right now, and we’re hoping to bring a new energy to GameFi!

I would like to know if the community were carried along while developing the game? Were all the features incorporated based on users feedbacks and suggestions? And What are your marketing plans to optimize the engagement?

Yes, definitely. Our team is actually brought together by a bunch of game enthusiasts, including myself. We played a bunch of GameFi projects, and discovered the flaw from multiple trending (or at least they were) games. Our project manager gathered info and suggestions from the communities, and brought us all together. Most of the features are researched and discussed base on the feedbacks, and we will continue to listen to our community as it’s where all of this started.

Most P2E games start giving away a lot of tokens to the first few players and for a short period of time the game is profitable, but not sustainable, and because of that, its value soon decreases. How is your Game designed and how can you guarantee Monster Saga profitability? I’ve seen any other games which giving away the a lot at first but after a few times they got nothing, which is not profitable again for its player, so how you compare Monster Saga with others? how you design the game?

This is what we found as the main issue for the P2E games in the market. Our team did a well through research, and put a lot of hard work into the development of the ecosystem. The burning mechanism is the key element of Monster Saga, and we take inflation issue very serious. Our goal is to build a fun and playable game, while players can actually make profits. We’re confident Monster Saga would be a game-changer to the market!

Can you detail what will be the use cases of “Monster Saga’ Token within the “Monster Saga’ Technology ecosystem? How important will it be? If you would be so kind also explain to us how the supply distribution has been designed

Yes correct. We want to encourage players to be able to earn while playing the game, not just paying instead. MTS would have multiple use of scenario in the game. Minting runes, summoning Saga, and evolving Saga would require MTS. We would also open up Marketplace, breeding and staking function soon after game launch, which would also require MTS. As for the complete view of the Tokenomics, you can check our whitepaper from the link here:

I see in your tokenomics that you have a portion locked and reserved as “Back up”. What are those for?

Thanks for bringing this up. Back up fund would be locked, and will only come into use of the following emergencies:

  1. Injection fund to liquidity pool when it becomes insufficient
  2. Liquidity pool provision when listing on other DEX
  3. Overhead for large-scale marketing activity
  4. Deposit for CEX listing
  5. When there is an abnormal amount of tokens consumed in the reward pool, and the requires the team to review game mechanism for re-planned, additional tokens will also be required for preparation.

In summary, the back up fund is to prevent unexpected token demand off our roadmap. It ensures that the project can sustain and cooperate with the continuous development of the project. We like to plan things ahead just in case.

Can you tell to us what is your marketing plans? maybe for near future?

Well, we plan to collaborate with an external experienced marketing team, while listening to opinions and discuss marketing contents with our community. The goal is to promote Monster Saga through various publicity methods. Monster Saga has very interesting mechanics, we hope to rely on this to solve the ecological problems commonly encountered by P2E games in the market at the moment. Nevertheless, we don’t rely solely on this mechanism alone. In addition to the above-mentioned marketing cooperation plans, we will also promote via Discord activities while partnering with activate Crypto and GameFi communities (such as Mad’s Crypto Corner). Everything is about attracting players to the game.

And by the way, can you share to us your full roadmaps? what milestone that you have achieved so far?

So this is our roadmap and our current status:

Can you share to us when and where the IDO will happen? I mean if you mind to share or give us sneak peek about it.

We’re currently at the marketing and community AMA stage. We’d like to spread out the words and let players get to know more about Monster Saga. We expect to have our presale, IDO and game launch before the end of this month, follow by marketplace, breeding function, and staking. We’re also planning the world boss and story mode, which we will announce in the near future.

Also the Beta Test is planned in this phase right? Can the community join the beta test?

Unfortunately the beta test was for our influencers only. However we had a successful test and they were able to provide us with great content videos, which could be found in our official Telegram pinned message or YouTube. We’re currently running our Whitelist event and giving out 300 whitelists, please follow our socials to participate and win a seat for presale!

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🔹2nd Segment: Questions from Twitter 🔹

Question 1 from @babu_raja_33: Many projects start with inexperienced team members and some of them don’t go well because of mistakes. How was the experience and background of the your team effective in project success? And how are you going to instill trust in your user base, since the team is anonymous?

Our team is formed by game enthusiasts and industry experts. We’ve studied and played almost every possible GameFi project in the market, and come out with the best way to keep the ecosystem sustainable. We’re confident Monster Saga will bring a new picture to the P2E game world. Regarding to doxxing, we’re actually KYCed with PinkSale actually, which is where we will do our Presale. We also have a complete audit with PinkSale verified audit partner, FreshCoin. So I’d say you can count on us.

Question 2 from @ShahidurSohail: Many games today set high costs to start the game & therefore start with a small player base. Does an entrance fee or starting conditions & if so, what are they? Do I need to hold an NFT or hold a certain amount of tokens in order to enjoy & play?

The only requirement for a player to start playing Monster Saga is to mint a rune and summon a Saga, which is 1000 + 300 = 1300 MTS. If you bought at presale price, it would cost you roughly around 26 USDT, which is very affordable. Besides the Saga NFT, you don’t need to hold any MTS token to play the game. You only need to follow the burning mechanism to claim that’s all.

Question 3 from @Nandini5432: A blockchain technology/world is also available for gamers to switch into, but they aren’t aware of it because they are busy playing games. Now the question is, how are you going to educate the gamers who have no idea about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology?

This is exactly why we set the starting price of the minting at an affordable price, and the reason why we want to make the P2E mechanism sustainable. A lot of the gamers nowadays enter the Crypto world expect to play a fun game while making some extra money, but end up losing everything. We don’t want that to happen for people. Which is why we want to create a balance system to let new comers understand and learn GameFi world in a friendly way. We’re hoping Monster Saga would be the perfect entree game for them.

Question 4 from @Rx_Jacks: Can you tell me more details on the IDO? The schedule and contribution for each? Can you tell me more details on the IDO? The schedule and contribution for each? What are the competitive advantages of your project?

The IDO will be on PinkSale, provide to Whitelist players first. After 5 mins, we will open to public and it will be free for all to buy. Min buy is 0.1 BNB, and max buy is 3 BNB. We have a soft cap of 375 BNB and Hard cap of 500 BNB. The advantage of Monster Saga I’d say is it’s unique burning mechanism, which would bring new look to the P2E game industry.

Question 5 from @ParvejI36731123: So far, what major achievements has Your Project achieved? What difficulties and risks did you encounter in the process of project implementation, and what factors prompted you to overcome the difficulties?

I’d say the major achievement is having a great communication with our community. After all, it’s what matters to us the most. We need our community’s feedback and support in order to improve the game and keep growing. The difficulties we had to face was how to come up with something that non of the P2E games were able to accomplish in the past. We’ve managed to come up with our own version of solution, but like I said, we will always need our players and community’s support to help us continue to move forward.

🔹3rd Segment: Questions from Telegram🔹

Question 1 from @manhaz_j: For those who don’t understand English, do you have any non-english community?

Yes, we do. You can check below for our local communities:

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Question 2 from @nahidnahid2279: Partners are very important for every project today, may I know which partners you have now? and which partners in the future you will be heading to?

Here’s a list of our current partners:

We’re building our partner channel continuously, and will be adding more communities along with potential CEX & DEX in the near future. Please stay tuned!

Question 3 from @wwwww55599: Do token holders have the right to participate in the management of other projects? Will they be able to vote on a new decision about the project?

This is something we’re considering about adding to the roadmap. We always like to have our community involve as part of our decision making. So yes it could definitely happen in the future.

Question 4 from @COW8080: Can we get some nfts as airdrops?

Not at the moment, but we will consider doing it as part of our airdrop event. We’ve actually just finished an airdrop for our MTS tokens, and will have another one very soon. Be sure to follow our TG for latest info!

Question 5 from @COW8080: ‘STAKING’ is one of the strategies to attract users and retain them in the long run. Did you STAKING to attract usersw to your project?

Yes, staking is on our roadmap as you can see. We plan to have it released very soon after the game launch.

So before we wrap it up, is there anything you want to share to us? Anything that still not mentioned before?

I’d just like to ask everyone to kindly follow us. I know most of you’ve been hurt in the P2E games (like I did). It’s fine, feel free to observe and even take a look first if you have doubts. I’m sure you’ll find Monster Saga trustworthy after awhile once we’re up and running! Thank you and thanks for having me here!

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