DeCredit is a DeFi 2.0 protocol that empowers the DeFi market by introducing the credit loan models.
It links credit authentication nodes and credit Oracle to lending products on the premise of existing encrypted collateralised loan models, with a view to progressively reduce and finally eliminate collaterals, enabling staggered resource allocation and enabling the blockchain paradigm to inclusively empower the traditional financial lending sector.
By doing this, DeCredit leverages the tremendous momentum generated by DeFi to provide liquidity support to a wider range of entities and individuals.
DeCredit is committed to leading the DeFi protocol 2.0 market.
DeCredit extends the crypto-collateralised lending model with a credit-based lending model, aiming to introduce off-chain credit ratings to the DeCredit platform using credit authentication nodes and Oracle machines to provide differentiated lending limits and interest rates based on on-chain and off-chain credit assessments, bringing more lending markets into the market.
DeCredit aim to address the issue of the limited application range of credit loan due to the lack of off-chain credit data introduction.

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