Mad’s Crypto Corner #AMArathon with GoldeFy Recap

Wednesday, 13th of April 2022, at 2 PM UTC, we just successfully hosted our 71st #AMArathon with GoldeFy (which was been going on for ±109 minutes,) and represented by:

Mr. Chan | CEO of GoldeFy

Some of you might didn’t participate or on there for it, you can look back at how was our #AMArathon went FROM HERE to RIGHT HERE. We are up with the recap of our #AMArathon with GoldeFy and we hope our audiences get a better understanding of GoldeFy. Happy Reading!

🔹1st Segment: Project Introduction🔹

It will be nice if you remind once again what is GoldeFy to all Madians here?

Well to simplify, GoldeFy is a decentralized DAO metaverse that grows together with the community. We have got rid of the boring repeated works (daily tasks, daily mission related to earnings). So players can really just enjoy the game while they earn or even they are in sleep. Okay so before I introduce about our recent status, I want to say once more that I am really glad to be here again to have the #AMArathon with Mad’s Crypto. GoldeFy has been growing constantly since we had our first AMA here. And we are thankful to all of our supporters and community members who trusts us. To catch up what we have accomplished so far, we have released an application called “GoldeFy:Pre-Mining” app in google play store, and we have successfully ended IDO with launchpads, lastly we also have successfully listed in DEX called PancakeSwap. It may not be the fastest moving, but keep an eye out for GoldeFy, who is constantly moving forward, step by step. And hope Madians will also want to see GoldeFy grow towards a very successful business. The GoldeFy:Pre-Mining App is open for you guys! It’s true that we are still lack in many things, but we are resolving all the problems and moving forward.

We had to adjust internally and also externally, this is a great experience for all of us, and this experience will be our strength in the future.

Could you describe a little bit deeply about this GoldeFy:Pre-Mining app?

As mentioned, we have launched an app in google play store. GoldeFy:Pre-Mining app was designed for users to pre-mine the game points (G-Token) a head of time while waiting for our metaverse to be launched. Through our community vote, we had to release the app as soon as possible and go through the beta along with the community. However, there were many issues and bugs found in early stage and our dev team had to stay up all night to find the problems and to solve those issues. Currently all major issues are solved and all users are enjoying the mining. We are glad that the users can do enjoy while waiting for our metaverse to come out. It is available now in Google Play Store, but it runs in referral base as of now. So in order to register, you will be needing referral codes from the other users. You can see many referral codes in group below, and just use one referral to register.

Just little bit curious also about the Goldy — your NFTs, does it already on the market too?

Oh for that, it was postponed due to the app. And within this month, the marketplace will be open to the public.

What is your future plan for the GoldeFy:Pre-Mining App?

We have fixed all the major bugs and issues that was happening in our pre-mining app. But now, all the major issues has been fixed. As we finalize the version, we will be launching in Appstore for IOS users as well. And most importantly we will be expanding our application in to the next level. Until now, our app has functions on mining, adding friends. But now we will expand the app on a mini game where users can truly enjoy our app. In addition to that, we are making remarkable content along with it. I can’t open all the sources cause it is confidential but I am 1000% confident that everyone will be super excited once we announce the new content soon. There are so many restrictions in AppStore, so we are going to upload it once everything is settled. For a clue of our next feature, I am very cautious on this, but to give a small clue, it is related to ranking. I had a goosebumps all over my body once we thought of this content at first. So get ready guys!

Is there any near plan for list $GOD to any CEX?

Yes! We have listed in pancake swap as a pair with GOD/BUSD in pancake swap on March 17th, and we are getting ready to step on the next step which is CEX. We are under discussion with many wondeful CEXs and also waiting for other fabulous CEXs responses as well. However, as of this moment, we are not trying to hurry the listing on CEX, and we are very much observing the market situation along with it. We are somewhat very careful on deciding the CEX, because there are many factor to consider before listing on CEX. We will be bringing you wonderful news about GoldeFy’s CEX soon. We are doing the process and its gonna blow the market for sure.

What will be the next step, or future plans from GoldeFy? Especially for all Goldians out there?

For our most upcoming event, as mentioned earlier, our prior target is to focus on the GoldeFy:Pre-Mining app expansion, GoldeFy market place release, and CEX listing. GoldeFy:Pre-Mining app will be expanded with surprising content, GoldeFy Market Place will be launched where NFTs are sold and bought, lastly CEX listing event. For the long-term, GoldeFy Metaverse beta and more stable system and contents will be open to the public. Until now, we just had our first step, we ask for your support and cheers for us to move forward. Let’s grow together! We have tons of strategies and plans, but only few were chosen. And those are fantastic!

🔹2nd Segment: Questions from Twitter 🔹

Question 1 from @vicky64812448: I read that Goldys can get a head start on auto-mining rewards through character upgrades. But, if GoldeFy is an idle game, how come the rewards in auto-mining system will be based on Goldy’s stats? Will characters still need to sleep and eat for stamina?

GoldeFy is a Metaverse world, where the Goldy will be your Avatar that can engage with the GoldeFy world. In our metaverse, auto-mining system goes with the idle system where players need no effort but to wait over time. This is where the “Earn-While-In-Sleep” happends. Auto-mining system will be needing Goldy’s stamina, since it is working for you while you are in sleep. To recover their stamina, consuming food is one way or let it rest for 1day. The efficiency of the reward rate will of course increase correlated by the rank of Goldy. The higher the rank the more profit they can achieve. The Goldy is inspired by the Avatar movie, but in our case, it is much shorter and cuter compare to the movie Avatar.

Question 2 from @512fatfat: When we mine gtoken, we sometimes bring pets as a means to increase the amount of mining, but will there be more ways to increase the amount of mining in the future? Server hacks are common these days, but how does Goldefy guarantee security?

The main way to increase the amount of mining is affected by Goldy’s rank. The value of Goldy is related to to the amount of mining in auto-mining system. Inside our metaverse, characters can be upgraded through synthesis. Hacking is one major issue that can be seen in crypto space. Many projects have been hacked and hackers are attempting on hackings, especially when it is directed to money. That is why we are trying to wisely make use of the block chain system. We are to improve the security system with the team as we develop.

Question 3 from @RevoBlack4: I love your NFT artworks. What is your inspiration for every NFT’s character? And what about rarity of every NFT?

Uhhh Thank you for the compliment on our NFT Character Goldy. Our characters were of course inspired by the movie Avatar, but to give uniqueness compare to others. We try to give identity on Goldy, so no identical Goldy will exist except Goldy’s from the GoldyPass. Ranks are not fixed but players can upgrade Goldy’s rank. We don’t want our Goldy to be treated badly based on their rank. All Goldy are very important. GoldyPass is a pass that we provide 1 NFT Goldy and players can actually experience our metaverse. But compare to our ordinary Goldy NFT, there are limits on the system. GoldyPass will be released in our marketplace when our metaverse is released. GoldyPass is to lower the barrier to enter our world.

Question 4 from @Nguyenkosong1: Can we (as token holders) participate in the governance of the GoldeFy project? And what mechanism have you implemented to make sure the fairness of decisions making between small and big investors?

As mentioned previously, we are building the governance hall inside our metaverse, where token holders can enter to the hall to make vote on GoldeFy agendas. For the comparison of stocks in voting case, the Holders who has more has more on voting rights. For GoldeFy, we are to consider various of factors and once the mechanisms are decided, we will announce to the community on this matter.

Question 5 from @CryptoTiger162: Gaming and Metaverse are very attractive in modern environment. As a metaverse, how would you intend to include both of these major characteristics into your System?With the metaverse at the basis of this strategy,what is the distinction between a gamers & an user when they play?

You can think of GoldeFy Metaverse as an open world where players can freely roam around in the space. And they can choose which mini games or content they wanted to enjoy within the metaverse. Therefore, Mini games are not separated from the metaverse but mini games are inside in GoldeFy Metaverse. In our metaverse, we target not to divide the term for players nor users. Because our metaverse can cover them both of them in to our world. Users who wanted to experience and earn, can do as they’ve wanted. Players who wants to play can enjoy as well. However, our main target is for users to be players in long-term to enjoy all the contents that we are providing. We are going to have an update on our website as well, and multi staking is avaible as well.

🔹3rd Segment: Questions from Telegram🔹

Question 1 from @cryptolover543: How does project increase the token’s value, liquidity and utility So that it can lead to an increase in token prices? What is your plan to make your project stable and provide the highest return for investors in the long term?

Well, to think of this in a core factor. Gaming company should have an product that people can enjoy. This is the major thing that can affect the price of the token in long-term. Short-term flunctuation can happen in any time but we need community memebers who believes in us and our project. So in my perspective, the most important for us to have is to have the final product.

Question 2 from J.S Yang: Which area are you focusing on at the moment? and what is “Goldefy” goals in this year?

As mentioned earlier, We are focusing ourselves on the expansion of GoldeFy:Pre-Mining app , Goldefy Market Places, and CEX Listing. What we target to achieve this year, is that GoldeFy will be the hottest P2E crypto game in the market. For this year, we are really expecting a lot. Everything that we are currently preparing will be open to our users within this year, so we are very cautious and getting ready to do everything right. Please watch over GoldeFy and be part of it as well.

Question 3 from @TDA6636: Is your Project a community only for English speaking an few countries or for users not of other languages?

Sorry, we only do have community for english in Telegram as of this moment. However, we do have channels for different countries in our Discord Channel.

Question 4 from @Maghla_Aksh_1: While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?

We are considering all the voices from our community channels but we cannot apply their request all the time. Because there are many things to consider while building GoldeFy.

Question 5 from @Tanha1790: Is this your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

You can buy our tokens in PancakeSwap, I am to say that it is under rated and if you believe in GoldeFy, then we can make the miracle happened. It is not possible by only us, but with all of you guys, nothing is impossible! BTW 0x2Aaa5cb023cf458E7dFa765FD48b64Cd95995ab7 this is our token contract and it is listed in CMC and CG.

Do i need to get whitelisted for your NFT?

We are considering the white list on NFT sales, but we have to see if we are going to have sale on our NFTs early or not. If the strategy that we are making so far, worked out fabulously, then we might consider selling our NFTs. But there are many things to consider as of this moment. But if we are to have the white list, I will let you know for the first.

So before we wrap it up anything else you like to share?

Thank you Madians and Goldians for joining and sharing your time with us. It is always good to be here in Mad’s Crypto Corner. It was wonderful time for me being here. I didn’t realize that time went so fast. I am afraid I have to go now, have a meeting with the team. Thank you guys once more, I am very honored to be here. I feel so comfort here lol. Thank you everyone! have a wonderful day, afternoon, evening!

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