FAM Central

  1. Fanvestor
    Fanvestor is an Entertainment SocialFi (Social media + Finance) platform that applies DeFi and (NFTs) to design a digital space where fans and investors (Fanvestor) will dedicate their times, interests and money to artistic products or reputation of the artists/ creators so as to obtain certain privileges, thus, it is a two-way revenue is at the core of our values.
  2. FAM DeFi
    FAM DeFi is a decentralized financial ecosystem, an important part for Fanvestor, holders of FAM token. This financial ecosystem will help increase liquidity, utility, and make strong financial leverage to multiply investors’ assets many times. FAM token is a utility token, only FAM token holders can use FAM Central’s features and ecosystem.
  3. FAM Metaverse Portal
    It’s a Metaverse portal for all digital assets and creatures from all around the Entertainment Metaverses (game, film, artist, music, and so on) to create unique and seamless experiences for users over different Metaverses.

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