IDOs Gold Chance and Hottest Month from Gravis Finance

IDOs Gold Chance and Hottest Month from Gravis Finance

Gravis Finance, gamified the blockchain (source:

Gravis Finance gives gold chances for everyone who is interested in their ecosystem. The golden opportunity is the IDO of their native token, the GRVS token, which will become the governance token of the Gravis Finance ecosystem. The IDO has been running since 21 and ends March 30, with at least 8 well-known launchpads joining the launch of this GRVS token, such as Synapse NetworkTrustFi, juga DAOStarter.

8 launchpads list that will participate on GRVS token IDO (source:

IDO stands for Initial DEX Offering, which is a new way of raising funds in the crypto industry that combines the concept of IPO (Initial Public Offering) on stocks with ICO (Initial Exchange Offering). Through IDO, cryptocurrency projects can sell tokens and investors can buy tokens from the project in a decentralized manner.

When this article was written, Madians still had the opportunity to be able to participate in the GRVS token IDO on WeStarter, which will start on Monday, March 28, 2022, at 2 PM UTC. IDO participants will receive their purchased tokens gradually (known as the Vesting Schedule) which is 10% during the Token Generation Event (TGE), then locked for 1 month, and linearly unlocked for 7 months.

GRVS tokenomics (source:

Besides IDO, the following month, April 2022 will be the hottest month for Gravis Finance. Why though? In April, Gravis Finance will implement the TGE of their GRVS token. That means the GRVS token will be publicly available on the cryptocurrency market for trading.

Apart from trading specifically selling GRVS tokens, investors have other options for their GRVS tokens. They can HODL their tokens with various benefits that can be obtained from the entire ecosystem from Gravis Finance through the HODL. Such as staking opportunities and yield farming on Gswap, as well as discounts on Gswap and Gmart fees, there are also many other benefits that can be obtained from HODL token GRVS. More details can be seen in the chart below:

GRVS token utility value for the entire Gravis Finance ecosystem (source:

Another hot thing to look forward to in April from Gravis Finance is the Initial NFT Offering or INO. In contrast to IDO, INO is not the token that will be offered by the project to investors, but NFT which has no less important role in the project ecosystem, including Gravis Finance.

The INO will be held from April 1 to 10, 2022, with a minimum purchase of US$100 to US$5000. To be able to participate in the INO, investors must meet at least 1 of the following requirements:

  1. Invite at least 25 people in the Evervoid referral program,
  2. Locked 2,500,000 GRVX tokens for 3 months via a special smart contract,
  3. Have 1 of each type of First Mate
  4. Be among the top 20 of all time on the Evervoid Leaderboard at the start of the Public Round,

If you have not been able to meet one of the 4 criteria above, Madians can register on the INO whitelist from Gravis Finance and have the opportunity to participate in it. And, of course, without a doubt, April will be the hottest month for Gravis Finance, so don’t miss out the hype Madians!

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