Kyberdyne AMA recap

ednesday, 16th of February 2022, at 12:00 AM UTC, we just successfully hosted our 53rd #AMArathon with Kyberdyne, (which was been going on for ±98 minutes), and represented by:

Mr. Steven | CBDO of Kyberdyne

Some of you might didn’t participate or on there for it, you can look back at how was our #AMArathon went FROM HERE to RIGHT HERE. We are up with the recap of our #AMArathon with Kyberdyne and we hope our audiences get a better understanding about Kyberdyne. Happy Reading!

🔹1st Segment: Project Introduction🔹

Can you tell to us your background, and why you decide to be part of Kyberdyne?

Thanks for having me! It’s a privilege! On behalf of the Kyberdyne team, thank you to all Mad’s Crypto people for being here and look forward to your questions. I am Steven: The Chief Business Dev Officer at Kyberdyne. I come from a financial background – starting with equities on Wall Street and then moving to currencies (fiat) before finally jumping into cryptocurrencies in 2017. I am an avid gamer and love GameFi and what it can do for the players and creators, and was very excited to join Kyberdyne last year and help pioneer a new more exciting level of gameplay in GameFi.

Can you introduce your team member then? Give a little sneak peek about them!

Very happy to: Our team has rich experience in game design and development. Most members have more than 10 years experience with major games and labels in the game industry.

  1. Shine, CGO: As the earliest pioneer in the field of e-sports, Shine once worked as a professional e-sports player, manager of e-sports clubs and organizer of large-scale e-sports events. He devoted himself to the field of game research and development, designing and producing many popular games and game engines, and deeply led and participated in the game projects of well-known manufacturers such as Tencent. Now he has more than 15 years of experience in game development and team management.
  2. Waza, CTO: Waza has led the technical research and development of several AAA mobile game projects. His main focus is on the core game engine. And he is good at game system architecture AI and its physics engine, game development tool chain, and graphics editor.

The team members have been involved at the core of many triple AAA hit games such as Assassin’s Creed, DOTA2, Torch Light, Dynasty Warriors, Dragon Nest, Heroes VI, Borderlands 2, For Honor and EVE. Additionally, they are supported by an army of skilled junior level developers. For the blockchain part, we have on our team experienced smart-contract, GameFi and DeFi experts, developers and advisors, as well as external advisors from our multiple high-profile investors and partners.

Can you tell us what is Kyberdyne all about? Then, what is the reason and why do you and your team want to build it?

Sure, starting with the first part (what Kyberdyne is all about): Kyberdyne is a DBG (Deck-Building Game) with a Rogue-like mechanism built by a triple A game studio. Kyberdyne brings high\-quality gaming elements to blockchain game players, enabling them to build their own dream team and earn unique rewards. In Kyberdyne, players can use their own NFT Characters (Heroes) to play PVE and PVP. They can build up their battle team by 8 characters. Players can gain endless fun in PVE, and also earn sizeable benefits by idling game-play. And players can also have fun in PVP game-play and share the season rewards with other fighters. Kyberdyne is a real F2P, P2E game. Kyberdyne is a cyber-wasteland world. The backstory is set in the post-apocalyptic era after the highly developed cyberpunk social civilization encountered war and virus plague leading to its collapse. The civilization facilities in the world have been destroyed, and the social system and government have long since disappeared. There are still a number of creatures that had survived and gradually formed various races:

  1. Mutant: Are they human beings? There is an endless controversy. Whereas if one asks: Are mutants horrifying? Certainly yes! Fortunately, the attack output of a mutant is not stable. However, if you’ve endured their max attack, then may God help you.
  2. Cyborg: If you can retrofit yourself by biochemical technology, tell me what you want to become? The cyborg is proficient in everything, as reflected in their card strength.
  3. Electronic: People who have over 60% prosthetization are called Electronics. They have the strongest bodies in this world. Feel free to drop them at any position in your battle team. They will all be good choice.
  4. Android: If you need the best assistant, I will recommend the Android. Loyalty and advanced AI make them the most reliable partners.

Players must continuously strengthen their abilities, collect and cultivate their heroes in Kyberdyne to take the important task of recovering the earth’s civilization while seeking the way of survival in the wasteland. and for the second part – why GameFi why now: The team is made up of veterans from game industry. They started building game from very early stage and have experienced all kinds of games, from client games, web games to mobile games. Last year, Kyberdyne team noted the success of blockchain games. They did investigation and research in the industry and found that most game is lack of fun and game quality, nether their game economy is good. So the team decided to build this project – Kyberdyne to bring fun and real high quality game play to blockchain players and enable them Play to Earn in the game with long-term sustainable game economy.

All of them are fun!

So maybe can you tell to us about your token, tokenomic or game ecosystem overall? What will be the usage and utility for each token?

There are 2 tokens in the Kyberdyne game: $KBD and $KGOLD.

$KBD: In-game energy

  • Acquired from: Exchanges (DEX & CEX), PVP, NFT mining
  • Used for: Battles (as energy), Staking, Minting & Upgrading NFTs

$KGOLD: In-game money

  • Acquired from: PVE, In-game items market sales
  • Used for : In-game items and In-game Activities.

Our guys are experts in in-game economies too. Not sure I am authorized to spill the numbers of tokens’ total supply but I can say that both are utility tokens, initially on BSC chain – BEP20 and later cross/chain. The IDO and listing will be for the $KBD.

When and where excatly the IDO will be?

IDO Feb 17 ~ 18 Infinity PAD; Feb 21 ~ 23 GameStarter. TGE Feb 25th Pancake,, MEXC. I’ll repeat those later but please mark your calendars and follow us. You better not miss out, good people!

Earlier you spill about Dynamic NFT right? Can you tell us what is this feature? How we can get the NFTs? And what we can do with them?

Haha you are really testing me off-script – I like that! Dynamic means not with a fixed design and abilities like many other projects’ NFTs: Players can generate themselves and customize the appearance to the smallest details – for instance look at all these settings : , and also choose path and upgrade skills as they wish for each card!

We use the same hair stylist as this here chick. And if the NFTs appearances randomly generated we have an algo that ensure that it is also unique. Non-fidelity kinda means unique, and we aim for ours to be just that! Plus you can change it the way you like – including as your cool look-alike avatar.

As i know so far the Kyberdyne is DBG game right? A deck building games, so is there any video of gameplay or trailer or tutorial how to play the game as of now?

Yes we have gameplay videos, give me a minute please.

I told you we have design experience hehe! We are experienced game designers and developers from traditional gaming, which, unlike other project makes us experts in game visual, charachter, environment, effects, etc UI and UX and makes us a true game and not just gamification and childish boring game-like mining functionality like many competitors who are experienced in crypto, and not gaming. Unfortunatey, the VCs often force projects to follow established previously profitable models which leads to replication of copycat games like tower defenses. Not Kyberdyne! We bring the PLAY in PLAY to EARN to the highest level.

As for the development so far, can you share us some important milestones you’ve achieved? And what is your future milestones?

A. Achieved

  • Operation:
  1. We successfully closed our private round in January;
  2. We’ve built our initial social matrix with:
  3. TG Announcement Channel 83k+; LINK
  4. Group 27k+; LINK
  5. Discord 14k+; LINK
  6. Twitter 36k+; LINK
  7. And we have also launched our Tiktok and Instagram channels
  • Development:
  1. Character creation and development
  2. Equipment & back pack functions
  3. In game marketplace functions
  4. Game play developments: combat module, Dungeon exploration module, Level designs
  5. NFT generation rules: Upgrade, synthesis, reproduce

B. Future Milestones

  • Operation:
  1. IDO Feb 17 ~ 18 Infinity PAD; Feb 21 ~ 23 GameStarter
  2. TGE Feb 25th Pancake,, MEXC
  3. Social Matrix growth
  4. Guilds & projects partnerships
  • Development:
  1. Exploration mode development;
  2. Hang-up function development (auto mode);
  3. Game official launch in March;
  4. Metaverse integration: NFTs aggregation (May) – Allow players to insert external role based NFTs into the game and get Kyberdyne NFTs in return.
  5. Metaverse integration: Lands building – Create lands (NFTs) in the game and enable the players to battle for them.

I can say that we have a press release coming soon about successfully completing our private round of financing – please stay tuned.

I want to know your partners so far, can you spill some?

haha are those not enough yet? Just kidding – we are constantly working to expand our partnerships and brand reach.

🔹2nd Segment: Questions from Twitter🔹

Question 1 from @realfanxx: Winning is the most interesting part of the NFT gaming industry. Kyberdyne allows players to not only have fun playing, but also invest their time and money to get a great return as profit. So, What are the different ways to earn income that Kyberdyne offers to its users?

Players can build their battle team with 8 heroes (cards). And then they can explore and battle in the game chapters. During these activities, they can earn $KGOLD in PVE and they can use $KGOLD to buy weapons, helmets and runes in the in-game marketplace to equip the hearos, thus help the hero upgrade. Once a hero upgrades to 3 start level, it can be minted into a basic NFT and can be further upgraded through idling in the game. Besides upgrading there’re 2 additional ways to get high level NFTs:

  1. Synthesizing: The player must choose 2 cards and merge them, after spending some $KBD as energy, he would get a chance to have a high level and quality NFT.
  2. Breeding: (yes the power of card hero love!), the player can get 1 male and 1 female card and let them breed their child card. The attribution of the child would be inherited from his parents and it still needs to spend some $KBD as energy. Each card has limited chances to do breeding. (and wait for it!:)

And once the play has the NFT, he can use it for level/chapter garrison – which is regarded as NFT mining to get $KBD in return. Players can also have their battle team join the arena, where they can fight with other players, bet for the fight with the native token $KBD and earn from the bet if victorious.

Question 2 from @blackrose11221: To start playing “kyberdyne”, how much money do I need? Is it required that I have NFT characters or a specific number of $KBD Token’s? Also Tell Us How does “kyberdyne” focus more on the player experience in and out of the games to create a balance for playing and earn?

We have designed a sustainable game economy in Kybedyne. We allow users to join the game for free! When they join Kyberdyne, we will airdrop users with some heroes (cards) for them to build their team. Please be noted here, the cards are not NFTs yet. Only Cards with 3 star level can be minted into NFTs. And to build a highly-efficient battle team of heroes, the player will need 8 normal level NFTs, which may cost around $4000 on the market if purchased. So initially players can play for free – everyone can join and experience it for free in PVE. That is the idea!

Question 3 from @ECE5367: What are the ways in which I can increase the value and powers of the different NFT Card in the game? Once this is achieved, what are the benefits to the player of having the best NFTs Card in the game? This would increase the likelihood of improving performance or profits?

The first part was partially answered in questions 1 & 2 above, so I would focus on the second part:
Having a highly upgraded NFT means you have a very powerful hero. Having many of these, up to a full deck of 8 and even more, would help in a number of ways:

  • In PVE It would be much easier to complete chapters, defeat bosses and earn much more items and KGOLD rewards. Additionally, NFT mining would be faster and more efficient after completing and garrisoning multiple chapters, hence more KBD would be earned.
  • In PVP (arenas and later NFT land) it would be much more likely to win against any opponent, win KBD bets, take over opponents’ bases and lands and become a top ranked player. Additionally NFTs will become much more valuable on the NFT marketplace and can be sold for a lot of money, etc.

Question 4 from @Jenykim1111: I’ve seen your gameplay footage and realized that playing Kyberdyne might require a high end PC and high specs to play. Can you explain to us the minimum system requirements to enjoy and play your game smoothly and seamlessly?

Kyberdyne will have an official launch in March on PC version at first. And then mobile version (iOS & Android) will follow in Q2. There’s no strict restriction in devices. Kyberdyne can run on most PCs and smart mobile phones, not just the high-end ones.

Question 5 from @crypto9310: Traditional game and game blockchain still have a lot of separation Kyberdyne how to attract traditional players than other blockchain games, Kyberdyne intends to expand or apply its project to games as well. traditional player or not?

First of all, our team is from traditional game industry where we have achieved great success and had very rich resources. Our CGO Shine was organizer of many e-sports events and kept very close relationships with many battle teams and game guilds. So it’s easy for us to pass Kyberdyne onto normal & especially non-crypto players. Besides, we’re actively connecting with the crypto gaming guilds to achieve the mass adoption of Kyberdyne game. Although we have started only just a couple of months ago, we have already built-up strong interest in Kyberdyne & created our own large organic communities in Telegram and Twitter, etc. (as shown above); and. We want to retain the community by having regular interactions, updating the Kyberdyners with gameplay, snips peek etc. interesting content whenever possible. What is more: For Marketing we have allocate 15% of our token distribution: a huge percentage. We will spare no efforts to grow the Kyberdyne’s community and popularity. Beside those traditional strategies with Influencers & Medium, we are not forgetting that we are, in the GameFi/Metaverse world, which are growing tremendously fast. Among many areas we target is partnerships with other metaverse projects as well as guilds so that we can cooperate & compliments each other similarly to cross-platform. We will not rule out anything, even VR/AR are to be considered in the future. We are also receiving huge support from investors and partners with KOLs, communities, strategies and other exposure. The DAO will decide the VR/AR integration – via community votes.

🔹3rd Segment: Questions from Telegram🔹

Question 1 from @KD_96_i: Can you share with us the link for your project in all these projects?

Question 2 from @Muskan_677: What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market?

Advanced Gaming development is difficult and few other projects have the team and experience of Kyberdyne.

Question 3 from @supiaq: Do the token holders have right to participate in the governance of the project? On what kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

Yes we have a sizeable allocation to our DAO community which will be very much involved in important decision for the future including tokenomics, game expansions, funactionalities and so on.

Question 4 from @mnggg4466: IS This Your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

IDO starts tomorrow, anyone can try and join. We will be listed soon after too.

Question 5 from @Ekrissss: Binance smart chain provides low gas fees, transaction speeds, reliable & easy-to-use services. Why did you choose BSC? Do you have any plans migrate BSC or others chains?

We are now on BSC for these reasons and more, and will introduce cross-chain soon.

So before we wrap up our AMA session tonight, is there anything you like to share that not mentioned before?

Just that it was my absolute pleasure and my only regret is that I could not answer so many amazing questions by your wonderful community. I would like to thank you all on behalf of Kyberdyne and invite you to ask the questions and stay updated in our groups (links below)

Again it was an honor and very much fun! Hope we can meet again soon! Thanks & Have a good night, everyone!

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