Kyberdyne is a DBG (Deck-Building Game) with a Rogue-like mechanism built by a triple A game studio. Kyberdyne brings high\-quality gaming elements to blockchain game players, enabling them to build their own dream team and earn unique rewards. In Kyberdyne, players can use their own NFT Characters (Heroes) to play PVE and PVP. They can build up their battle team by 8 characters. Players can gain endless fun in PVE, and also earn sizeable benefits by idling game-play. And players can also have fun in PVP game-play and share the season rewards with other fighters. Kyberdyne is a real F2P, P2E game. Kyberdyne is a cyber-wasteland world. The backstory is set in the post-apocalyptic era after the highly developed cyberpunk social civilization encountered war and virus plague leading to its collapse. The civilization facilities in the world have been destroyed, and the social system and government have long since disappeared.

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