Mad’s Crypto Corner #AMArathon with LESLAR Metaverse Recap

Thursday, 12th of May 2022, at 12 PM UTC, we just successfully hosted our 75th #AMArathon with LESLAR Metaverse (which was been going on for ±116 minutes,) and represented by:

Mr. Marc | Leslar Metaverse’s Team

Some of you might didn’t participate or on there for it, you can look back at how was our #AMArathon went FROM HERE to RIGHT HERE. We are up with the recap of our #AMArathon with LESLAR Metaverse and we hope our audiences get a better understanding of LESLAR Metaverse. Happy reading!

🔹1st Segment: Project Introduction🔹

To start this AMA, can you introduce yourself first?

Good evening everyone! Thank you in advance for Mad’s Crypto for facilitating today’s AMA with LESLAR, very happy to have the opportunity to share here, stay healthy, everyone! Praise God my team and I are healthy here. We are still focusing on product development here, but we haven’t had a vacation yet. Introduce me, I’m Marc from the Leslar team and there’s Mr. Darren also here from the NFT division.

First of all, can you introduce to the Madians here what is the real LESLAR Metaverse? What kind of vision and mission underlies the presence of the LESLAR Metaverse?

Okay, so back again, friends, greetings to all. LESLAR Metaverse is very happy to have the opportunity to share here. LESLAR Metaverse started from an anxiety where there were a lot of application solutions on the blockchain and as in the past, to surf in the world of web2.0, we need a platform that we visit to start skating in cyberspace, namely Google. The VISION of LESLAR Metaverse itself is to be the top crypto project in Indonesia and recognized by the global and our mission is to build a platform called LESLARVERSE to help friends who want to start exploring especially in web 3.0 by bridging and guiding our users to the web 3.0 project. according to their interests. LESLARVERSE is positioning itself as a user-friendly place new to web 3.0 by providing platform solutions for Watch to Earn, Gamefi, and other dApps. LESLARVERSE has a main function as a GOVERNANCE TOKEN which allows token holders to be able to voice their suggestions for the sustainability of the project. LESLAR Metaverse is more like a gateway, all in one platform for all your blockchain needs, which includes several features as I mentioned.

Now, the “$LESLAR token evolution” is in progress. So, can you explain to us what it is? and what are the positive impacts that can be obtained from the evolution of this token?

Okay, so I’ll explain a little and what is the background for us to decide for evolution. Holders and the LESLAR Metaverse community were our top priority in building this project. After we carried out in-depth evaluations over the last few years, coupled with input from advisors, evolution is the most likely thing to achieve the initial goal. We want to launch a project that is able to survive and to achieve that, we think the decision to evolve the contract is one that must be taken where this evolution has a new tax feature by dividing the tax into 4, buyback, reflection, treasury, and marketing wallet . Where buyback and reflection are our main advantages, because we include elements of this buyback and reflection to be returned to the public. For buyback, this function will systematically purchase LESLAVERSE tokens and send them to the dead address, then for reflections, token holders will increase automatically. So, through the evolution of this token, we will give more appreciation to the holders again. It can be seen that even 50% of the tax will be returned to the holders indirectly or directly.

What kind of products does LESLAR Metaverse offer to global crypto activists, especially Indonesia? And, with the evolution of this token,
what is the impact on the products in the LESLAR Metaverse ecosystem?

Okay, thanks for the question, it’s interesting to talk about this product. As already mentioned in the first question, our main product is a platform for users who want to explore web3.0. Our flagship product is Watch and Earn, where this Watch and Earn will be divided into 2 phases. First we will work with content creators at home and abroad, and our content focus will start from EDUCATION. Second, our flagship product is GameFi, where users interact with the Play and Earn ecosystem. and don’t forget that we will also be launching NFT, where this NFT will be the key for friends to be able to unlock more features in our metaverse ecosystem. This evolution in addition to fundamental changes in contracts, the direct impact on the product of the LESLAR Metaverse ecosystem itself is a reaffirmation of the meaning of Metaverse that we want to convey to the public, this evolution process itself gave birth to the concept of LESLARVERSE which can be a place for users to explore and experience the web3 ecosystem. 0. While watching educational videos, studying, you can earn. It’s different from the concept that we go to school and learn, in general, we pay, if you study at LESLAR Metaverse, you get paid too. the term is like that.

Also the LESLAR Metaverse will launch NFT in the near future right? Can you tell us what is unique about this NFT? Is there a rarity or something?

Regarding NFT, our NFT is an all-access pass to access all the features in LESLARVERSE, such as game play to earn, NFT Staking and many more. When it comes to rarity, we have a total of 8888 unique NFTs
5000 Rebels, 3000 Militech, 880 Metastreet and also only 8 Royalists. This is the first time I have spilled about our NFT utility. NFT is one of the important pillars for our ecosystem.

Coming back to the evolving $LESLAR token, when and how can we accumulate $LESLAR tokens?

for the token itself, we are currently in the process of migrating on our website, old holders can deposit on the website to get new tokens which will later be distributed into their wallets on the day of the token relaunch. Friends, you can start making purchases and the accumulation of estimated tokens on May 20, 2022. Later purchases can be made via PancakeSwap, friends!

What is the LESLAR Metaverse team focusing on in the short term? What is the plan for the Leslar Metaverse in the coming years in terms of project development? What will the LESLAR Metaverse do to increase project adoption?

For the plans that we have prepared, both in the short and long term, for the short term we will release our tokens which have evolved from the previous tokens, the first 2 portals within LESLARVERSE namely Rebels Arcade and the Militech Education Program. Rebels Arcade is divided into two, namely Free-to-Play & Play-to-Earn, NFT and of course Staking. For the long term, we are preparing 2 portals to be released again, namely Metastreet District, and The Royalist Hall. Where the Metastreet District consists of 2 namely Metastreet Plaza and Metastreet Exhibition Hall. It is very possible for a long term in our Metastreet district, which is our business area, where later we can buy and sell land, so later there may be several companies that we will propose to collaborate with to build buildings in Metastreet. For the Royalist Hall, this is our pillar of our DAO, where we return to the initial explanation that the utility of our token is the GOVERNANCE TOKEN which can be an instrument for friends to consult to reach mutual consensus on this project. For the Royalist Hall, this is our DAO pillar, where we return to our initial explanation that the utility of our token is the GOVERNANCE TOKEN which can be an instrument for friends to consult to reach mutual consensus on this project, in the Royalist Hall there is also a token staking feature.

🔹2nd Segment: Questions from Twitter 🔹

Question 1 from @ILoveYouSinthi: Hackers are very active in the market and almost every day we hear about other hacking attacks. LESLAR Metaverse. Can you provide some information about the project’s security system? How safe are investors’ funds? Has there been an audit?

For now our tokens are being audited by one of the best auditors who are quite internationally recognized. We are also very concerned about this, before the relaunch we also retest everything. The regulators themselves have also regulated to make tokens as safe and as good as possible. Later, a few days after the audit, it will be known who is auditing hehehehe.

Question 2 from @sheezasizzilng: Can you tell us about the main target of the LESLAR Metaverse you are currently focusing on and the market you are trying to reach? Are you going to create a LESLAR Metaverse project that grows on a global scale or will it be active only in certain regions for now?

Okay, this is a really good question, of course, overall for the target audience, everyone because almost everyone in the world must have watched it and I’m sure some who monitor this AMA are also watching videos on certain platforms, but we are also developing an ecosystem. GameFi where there will be lots of fun games that can be played by every individual, so gamers can also be specified from the universal target market that I mentioned earlier. For projects, of course, we will always innovate from every project that has been realized. Just like when we have finished a project there will always be the question “WHATS NEXT?” , this is what we are slowly developing to continue to create sustainable and innovative projects. Adding a little that everyone already knows that we have a strong figure behind us, namely Mr. Rudi Salim who certainly has a very broad and very innovative business experience.

Question 3 from @Livio_Nabab: I see that many projects are unstable for a short time. Initially they started with hard work & good care, after few months later they paid no attention to this project. Then it ends there. So how does the LESLAR Metaverse plan to stay in the market?

Ok, that’s a good question, yes, it’s true that there are lots of projects like that, but for leslarverse itself, we always implement POAC, Planning, organizing, actuating and controlling, where every plan we make will be evaluated continuously with the help of advisors and also community, with this we hope to create a sustainable project.

Question 4 from @I_am_honest_bro: I understand that the LESLAR Metaverse is working on BSC, but do you have any plans to expand your gaming boundaries and venture into other ecosystems like Solana, Polygon or Ethereum? If this is one of your plans, can you provide details on the interoperability you plan to develop?

So far we have discussed this, but at this time, we are more focused on developing our products, because we believe that if our products are mature and good, switching networks to other chains we will also be more confident, and of course if our community happy with doing the bridging, we will certainly consider again. Keep in mind that our newest token ecosystem is DAO, yes, DAO itself is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, every holder in the community has the right to voice and deliberation.

Question 5 from @111111Alon1: I am very interested in your project name so I want to invest but currently your project has no information about tokens which made me wonder. Would you mind giving me an idea of ​​the current total supply and where we can buy your tokens?

For information on new tokens, our total supply is 1,000,000,000,000 tokens and can be purchased via PancakeSwap, estimated on May 20, 2022. For more details, friends, you can see our whitepaper on our website, let’s stop by and take a look at the website, some features will be opened soon!

🔹3rd Segment: Questions from Telegram🔹

Question 1 from @DARKMODE245: Is your project only for English speaking countries or is there a community for other language users?

Yes, we have a global community in the middle east, and we are currently expanding into the Chinese market.

Question 2 from @haryh888: I am a $LESLAR holder and have sent tokens to Dev wallet. Is $LESLAR planning to upgrade to Version 2? And if so, why is it necessary?

Yes, we are in the process of token evolution, for the reason why we are evolving, in short, we want to upgrade our smart contracts so that they can become a solid foundation for creating sustainable projects.

Question 3 from @jkt02: Many things can make a project strong like the community, the quality of the project, the investors. What makes your project strong? What will you do to make it stronger?

The main strength of our project is that we are based on a DAO, where people can help determine the future of the project by giving their voice to decisions, besides that we are also very confident in our other products such as Watch-to-Earn and GameFi.

Question 4 from @Nahid88344: Can you explain how your Tokenomics Distribution will be? How many tokens will be printed? And How many tokens will the team lock?

Our full tokenomic distribution, how many tokens were minted, is fully available for detailed reading in our whitepaper within our website:

For locked tokens, we will lock our Liquidity Pool, Dev Vesting and partly for exchanger allocation.

Question 5 from @kajolarakhi: On which network can I get your tokens? BNB Chain? Tron? Ethereum? Polygon Or another network? Please tell me which of these!

We are currently on the BNB Chain.

Question 6 from @halnsmsnm: Do you have: Telegram Group, YouTube channel, Tiktok Channel, Website & twitter? For this project? What social media can I follow to get the latest information on your Project?

All links are at:

Question 7 from @ILoveyou125: Do you have an AUDIT certificate? Do you also work to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure, trustworthy and reliable? Do you have a Whitepaper if yes please share with a second do you have any plans for pre-sale? Now where can we join?

We are currently conducting an audit as previously mentioned, we also have a whitepaper available to read on our website:

For our special sale we will have it on May 14th, where you can buy it and how to join will be announced soon in our official telegram group.

Question 8 from @HERCULES_45: According to the roadmap, what is your next most important priority? Do you have sufficient funds and a strong community to achieve your goals?

Our next priority is to develop our product more, as I mentioned earlier our closest upcoming products are Education ( Watch to earn ) and also GameFi ( Free to play and Play to earn). for funding, we have secured a number of funds but for the exact amount we cannot reveal. And we believe that our community is getting stronger by the day.

Question 9 from @justchill22: What are your top 3 priorities for 2021? And can you tell me what your plans are for next year?

I assume that you mean 2022, and for this year we focus on developing real products with real utility, for next year we will continue to develop more on our metaverse, because we believe that next year technology will be more adequate.

Question 10 from @GOLORGHATPAR1: IS This Your Project only for elite investors, What about others with small funds, Is it open to everyone?

Of course for everyone!

Question 11 from @Nahid88344: Do you have a Token burn plan to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?

Yes! one of the main features of our new improved smart contract is the buy back and burn feature wherein 0.75% of all purchase and sale tax will be automatically converted into BNB where we can use it to buy our tokens and burn immediately.

Is there anything to add before ending today’s AMA?

As a small reward for the insane number of participations at this AMA, we will be giving away 30 whitelists! The first 30 people who send their wallet address to @Louiz723 and a screenshot to prove that they are participating in this AMA, will be AUTOMATICALLY IN WHITELIST. Thanks to the team at Mad’s Crypto for hosting us! Thanks a lot guys, really appreciate this, really! Good luck to everyone!

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