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Friday, 15th of April 2022, at 2 PM UTC, we just successfully hosted our 72nd #AMArathon with WhereAbout (which was been going on for ±55 minutes,) and represented by:

Mr. Logino Dujardin | Strategic Advisor of WhereAbout

Some of you might didn’t participate or on there for it, you can look back at how was our #AMArathon went FROM HERE to RIGHT HERE. We are up with the recap of our #AMArathon with WhereAbout and we hope our audiences get a better understanding of WhereAbout. Happy Reading!

🔹1st Segment: Project Introduction🔹

Before we start dive into the WhereAbout we would like to know about yourself, your background, and maybe the reason why you become of the part of this WhereAbout?!!

My name is Logino Dujardin, co-founder at WhereAbout since 2018. I am in the crypto space since 2016 and worked for the first VeChain dApp named Safe Haven for 4 years as CEO. I resigned my position to help the team expand. The WhereAbout team exists of highly experienced people who worked previously for other big blockchain projects like OceanEx, Polygon, Verge, etc. Some of them worked in the traditional market for companies like IBM, Microsoft, Uber. I helped founding WhereAbout because I believe there is not such a product on the market.

Can you introduce what is WhereAbout exactly is? Can you tell us the reasons behind building such a thing?

Of course! WhereAbout was founded back in 2018 and launched the first IOS and Android application in 2019. With WhereAbout you can connect with your friends, find venues around your location like restaurants, pubs, cafés, etc. and invite them to join you. Within the application it is possible to write reviews, recommendations etc.. We came up with the idea because every time we wanted to go out with friends, we had no inspiration where to go or we always go to the same places we know. This means you leave many cool places behind, places you can have a great time at. With every move you make in the application you can earn $WAT tokens. The more you are active, the more you earn. Thats is why we call it party-to-earn. The more $WAT tokens you have, the higher your place will be on the WhereAbout leaderboard. You can become the WhereAbout Social influencer and we are basically the decentralized Foursquare, TripAdvisor and Yelp. WhereAbout venues can accept these tokens for free drinks, meals, appetizers, etc. or you can just hold them. The WhereAbout venues can at the same time use the $WAT tokens to push promotions in the application to the WhereAbout users. This is based on interest, location, gender, age, etc.. Our WhereAbout V1 was without token integration. The new app will be live in approx 2 month with token and BNB chain integration. We are the decentralised TripAdvisor, Yelp or Foursquare, you can party to earn.

So, what is the problem that similar projects facing, especially for those who are on traditional industry? Then, how WhereAbout will tackle and overcome the problems there by being on blockchain?

The problem now is that the market leaders in the traditional market don’t have transparent reviews, it’s even so bad that you can buy fake reviews from these companies to place them on your competitors profile. TripAdvisor was fined €500,000 for fake reviews in Italy. Blockchain solves this, our application solves this. So it is not only by party to earn but also to provide an honest and transparent review platform. With WhereAbout this won’t be the fake revuews case anymore. All reviews will be on-chain and linked to the verified user, so no more fake reviews. We will reward the people who are verified, they can earn more, non verified users won’t be able to make reviews.

The only the users who really goes to that “place” or i.e. restaurant can make a review?

Yes, once you pay your bill you will get a QR code from the person there, scan that code and write a review, earn $WAT. Simple as that! That way we can liquidate fake reviews or people taking advantage of the application.

Who kind of people that you think should use WhereAbout, and what they can use it? Can you tell us the features that WhereAbout will have that make it stand out?

Everyone can use our application. If you like to go out to a restaurant, pub, themapark or something else, you will be able to earn from it. We are the first application that combines Web3, SocialFi and social networking in one product. We believe influencers who now make living from Instagram, Twitter and other applications will find WhereAbout fast.

Let’s say I’m a restaurant owners, how can I use WhereAbout? I mean does it any benefit or else for the owners of the place?

We will pull API from Google and integrate all businesses around the world. Its up to the business owner to claim his business and set the standards for the $WAT he wants to receive for his free drinks, meals, promotions, etc.. So basically we will help you to get customers to your business, it’s up to you how you reward them.

How can HODLers and WhereAbout app users can do with $WAT token? What will be the utilities of it through your entire ecosystem?

$WAT is our currency in the entire WhereAbout ecosystem and it will be integrated on WhereAbout app. For both user and business owner the token will be needed. But, the business owners and users won’t have the feeling they are using blockchain, wallets, tokens etc.. We are designing everything in a way they the app is easy to use also for non-crypto users. The app will create a wallet automatically, we will handle all the fees with fee delegation. They will see their balance and will be able to withdraw on the app but they can’t deposit tokens.

How far development will going? Can you give us the timeline of WhereAbout?

We now started the development of the application V2 where the token and BNBChain will be integrated. We expect to have the MVP live for closed beta testing in 2 months. Meanwhile we opened the strategic sale. Coming weeks we have the private sale and IDO. You can find the entire roadmap here:

We are speaking to several market leaders who are highly interested in our Web3 application. We are just back from the venue in Paris and talked to Travala, Huobi Labs, Coinbase Ventures, Binance Labs, Gate Labs, Alpha Dao Ventures and several others. We aim to partner with industry leaders because we believe WhereAbout is a project that deserves to be backed by these. The feedback we received was extremely promising. And revenue and customers and a working product, we are not selling an idea.

🔹2nd Segment: Questions from Twitter 🔹

Question 1 from @ander_maddison: You have been building WhereAbout since 2018 right? And the traditional app was launched on 2019. It makes me wonder, why did you deciding to integrate blockchain to WhereAbout? Is that really important? Why do you need to give a token economics too on your ecosystem with WAT?

We support Web3 since 2016. Majority of the team has been in the space since 2016. We see many good projects who became Play-Tearn or walk-to-earn. The transmission to blockchain and our own token structure has been in our mind for a very long time. Covid-19 gave us the time to start development on the new application and solve the problem with non-transparent reviews and fake profiles.

Question 2 from @DelilahVeun: One of your great features is a review platform for WhereAbout Points.This review either its positive or negative will be stored to the blockchain.Does that means this thing is an on-chain operations right?Then,is there any gas fee for each of our review looking that its onchain? Is it worth it for reviewers if it’s also make them spend for gas fee just for review on your app?

Oh yes, thats what we discussed before. We will use fee delegation within our application. That means that we will handle all blockchain fees. We don’t want our customers to face the transaction signing, create wallets and add BNB on there to be able to write a review. Our application will be designed in a way that the users don’t realize they are using blockchain technology.

Question 3 from @King666crypto: If I’m in the position as a business owner and would like to apply and join to your ecosystem, what is the requirement for it? How does is it works? By become one of the whereabout Points, what benefits my business can get?

We will pull API from Google and integrate all businesses around the world. Its up to the business owner to claim his business and set the standards for the $WAT he wants to receive for his free drinks, meals, promotions, etc. The main benefit for your business is that you will attract new people, new customers and you will benefit from the WhereAbout brand to help you boost your business.

Question 4 from @tjokro_ahmad: In most social apps, we can find they have an algorithm that will personalified the contents based on users online activity. Do your app have this? What is the best features of you that may be suited to have that kind of algorithm?

We discussed this one a bit as well few moments ago. We will have algorithms that will screen the application for misbehaving, fake profiles, etc.. Most will be done within the onboarding process since we will push for verification and give rewards to people who are verified. In your personal settings you will be able to adjust the information, promotions you want to receive. We don’t want to spam our users with adds and promotions.

Question 5 from @indahPoge: The problem that most social media users facing is regarding privacy issue, that is the social media platform abuse by selling their users data to third party advertisers. In @WhereAboutSoc how about this privacy issue? Can you guarantee the safety of your users data?

The company is based in Europe, selling data from our users is against the GDPR rules. If we do that, we can face jail time. We have no interest in doing such things. Laws in Europe are very strict!

🔹3rd Segment: Questions from Telegram🔹

Question 1 from @muctodana: Is this your project only for elite investors? ow about others with small funds? Is it open to everyone?

Yes it is open for everyone. We have a private and public sale coming up.

Question 2 from @kkkkkkark: Do you have a audit certificates? or are you working to audit your project, so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable?

Yes, in Paris we partnered with Hacken. A top security firm for all our audits.

Question 3 from @kabir985555: How can users stay up to date with this project? Are there channels, including local communities, where users can get the latest updates?

You can find all our socials on our official website. Feel free to join our community.

Question 4 from @MdArKeDevil: Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team?

We have a total 100M supply. You can find the entire tokenomics in our whitepaper or documentation section in the website.

Question 5 from @m5050505050: Many projects have problems with UI / UX and this one turns Off new users. How Do you plan to improve the interaction with new users and with users outside the crypto space?

We hired a top Creative Director who worked for several major brands in the world. You can find the design of the new application in our documentation as well.

Before we wrap it up, is there anything you like to share?

I hope you alle like what we are trying to do. I invite you all in our community and maybe you are the first testers for the new application. Thank you for your time guys! It was a pleasure being here. Now i need to go back to work. Thank you!

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