Mad’s Partner with Webcoin Capital

Mad’s Crypto Corner Partnership with Webcoin Capital

A new day, another brand new partnership we reveal and bring it to our dearest Madians. We present Webcoin Capital — a world-class community-backed Capital investing in top blockchain projects of the future — to join hands with us as a partner.

We become the official strategic partners of Webcoin Capital to help them in their incubation programs that build a fundamental for future cryptocurrency projects. We fully support Webcoin Capital as it is what it is with their visions and missions.

About Webcoin Capital

Webcoin Capital focuses on long-term funding and assistance for innovative blockchain startups. Webcoin Capital works with Crypto professionals who aim to raise awareness about high-potential projects while also keeping the developing crypto space up to date on the newest developments.

With their experiences and professionalism in the cryptocurrency industry, they are providing consultant, research, and strategic partnership for the sake of the future of cryptocurrency industry.

Find Webcoin Capital on:

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