Mad’s Partners with Grace Capital

There is nothing in this world can stand alone, without the help of others. We have keep that on our mind since the very beginning, we want to grow together which from everyone and for everyone. And that’s why, we bring never-ending partnerships and collaborations for our Madians.

Today, another one has come into town. Grace Capital has officially join our forces. Through this partnership we can grow and become stronger together to facing the horizon of each of us.

And to make it more hype and buzz the words, we are elated to bring a collaboration campaign between us to celebrate it. We are giving away 130 whitelist spots for Plutonians and Stickman Battleground allocation. The event’ details will be added to this article very soon, so don’t you dare to miss this out!

About Grace Capital

Grace Capital is a cryptocurrency-focused investment group that invests on promising future crypto projects with huge potential. Grace Capital has build up some partnerships with many world cryptocurrency players, like Kommunitas, Adroverse, Pocoland, etc. and Mad’s Crypto Corner is their latest.

Find Grace Capital on:

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About Mad’s Crypto Corner

Mad’s Crypto Corner is an Indonesia based community that was established in mid-2021. With the main mission to provide good quality projects to our community (we called it Madians), we educate global specifically Indonesian cryptocurrency players to increase their understanding about cryptocurrency, and more importantly blockchain technology.

Our aim is to connect all cryptocurrency players — projects’ developers and teams, investors, users, and even airdroppers — to build a healthy community where everyone whoever and wherever they are can actively participate in this still growing and promising prospect industry

As to reach that out, we are committed to introducing good quality with promising prospect projects to our Madians through our investment group, Mad’s Crypto Capital. Each project will be firstly in-depth researched and done our due diligence before we bring it to our Madians.

Find out Mad’s Crypto Corner on:

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