Mad’s partnerships with EnjinStarter

Mad’s Crypto Corner Partnership with EnjinStarter

Our network still growing and there is no sign to stop at the moment. We bring a well-known launchpad in the industry to become our partner and listed on the book. At this very moment, we are super ecstatic to bring our latest partnership with EnjinStarter to our Madians.

This partnership will make us as EnjinStarter’s strategic partners for connecting themselves and projects they are incubated to the Indonesia cryptocurrency market. This partnership sure will present us more exposure for the global and especially Indonesia cryptocurrency market.

About EnjinStarter

EnjinStarter is a blockchain gaming launchpad focused on growing the Enjin ecosystem and the metaverse. Built on Enjin’s JumpNet with a roadmap towards Efinity, their proprietary platform will enable creators and game developers to run capital-raising campaigns and build communities using blockchain technology.

Beyond issuing tokens, they provide game developers a way to explore other innovative ways of raising capital to fund their projects through the sale of virtual items as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). EnjinStarter’s incubation program, supported by an accredited partner network, will provide projects with end-to-end support to develop sustainable strategies and launch successful campaigns.

Find out more about EnjinStarter on:

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About Mad’s Crypto Corner

Mad’s Crypto Corner is an Indonesia based community that was established in mid-2021. With the main mission to provide good quality projects to our community (we called it Madians), we educate global specifically Indonesian cryptocurrency players to increase their understanding about cryptocurrency, and more importantly blockchain technology.

Our aim is to connect all cryptocurrency players — projects’ developers and teams, investors, users, and even airdroppers — to build a healthy community where everyone whoever and wherever they are can actively participate in this still growing and promising prospect industry.

As to reach that out, we are committed to introducing good quality with promising prospect projects to our Madians through Mad’s Crypto Capital. Each project will be firstly in-depth researched and done our due diligence before we bring it to our Madians.

Come and Join us on:

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