Mads X AIG

Another milestone has been stepped and we are stroked to announce it. We are incredibly happy to reveal our recent partnership with another Indonesian leading venture capitalist, Alpha Investment Group (AIG). We are officially becoming a part of AIG as a community partner and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) with this partnership.

We believe our future steps ahead will be very interesting with this teaming up with AIG. So, stay tuned with us and let’s walk this journey together Madians!


Alpha Investment Group (AIG) is an investment group that focuses on blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, led by a team of experienced individuals who have been successful in the sector since 2016. The group was founded with a vision of democratizing access to international blockchain projects for Indonesian retail investors.

Once again, their vision is to democratize access to international blockchain and cryptocurrency projects regardless of the amount of capital, with their current mission to educate local retail investors about the prospect and future of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry to support early blockchain projects.

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