Mads x BlockSolfi

Another breakthrough Mad’s Crypto Corner achieved in this long journey. At this very moment, we are incredibly pleased to publicize our brand new partnership and collaboration with BlockSolFi.
That means we will become a flyover to connect BlockSolFi to the Indonesia cryptocurrency market. Mad’s Crypto Corner will become a place for the projects they are supporting and for BlockSolFi itself to spread their connections also market in the Indonesia cryptocurrency industry.

BlockSolFi is a Venture Capital with two geographic locations based in Australia and Vietnam. BlockSolFi is fortunate to have embraced the investment cultures of multiple markets from Western to Asian. BlockSolFi also is an organisation of Crypto enthusiasts, investors and marketing strategists, aiming to deliver the most potential and high-profitable earning crypto projects.

Through that, BlockSolFi have perfected themselves and reconciled the specifics they have learned to be able to incubate blockchain startups most optimally and effectively.

Here at BlockSolFi, you can catch the latest trends about not only the Blockchain market but also all the information which you need to know about.

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