Mads x HashVerse

Mad’s Crypto Corner’s journey still continue also has not come to an end yet, and we are elated to reveal our latest amazing team that comes to our board, HashVerse Capital. With that being said, please welcome HashVerse Capital as our partner Madians.

With this teaming up, we both together will be benefitting each other by building our each own venture capital and walking this long journey along. The collaboration will be in mutual recommendations in future promising cryptocurrency projects to invest on. Don’t leave yet, let us introduce HashVerse Capital to you Madians

HashVerse Capital is an investment company focusing on the primary blockchain market, investing in cryptocurrency and blockchain projects to reshape the market worth tens of billions of dollars. We manage a hedge fund and a venture fund, investing in public and private markets.

In addition to providing project investment services, we can also provide community publicity services, media publicity services, community AMA, resource docking, and so on.

HashVerse should be the one who reserves all the possibilities for change in this world. Prometheus took the fire, HashVerse should be the propagator of the fire.

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