Mad’s Crypto Corner Partnership with Roseon Finance

Anew achievement we have just achieved which is an honour for us to publish it. Today, we are extremely fortunate to announce our brand new teaming up with a well-known Decentralized Finance (DeFi) project in the industry, Roseon Finance. Through this partnership, we will act to bring Roseon Finance to the Indonesia cryptocurrency market more broadly.

On the other hand, Roseon Finance will bring a lot of promising projects they are incubated in, to the Mad’s Crypto Corner community, yes, that’s you Madians. With that being said, we can say Roseon Finance is our trusted partner on our path to providing all of our Madians good prospects and quality projects. So, tie your shoelaces and let’s walk on this long journey together Madians!

Roseon Finance is a licensed, cross-chain, mobile-first yield aggregator, launchpad, NFT marketplace and game center. They are a Mobile Multi-chain Yield Aggregator that brings DeFi to your pocket to simplify your crypto experience. Their hybrid solution bridges centralized and decentralized financial services and acts as the gateway to DeFi and the Roseon app was built to help onboard new users to DeFi with its customer-centric design.

At the moment, Roseon Finance’s native token (ROSN) is tradable in some big exchanges; KuCoinMEXC & PancakeSwap.

One of the products that Roseon Finance proud of is RoseonPad. RoseonPad is an in-app launchpad service that facilitates Initial App Offering (IAO) to app users, allowing them to purchase high-quality project tokens, NFTs privately or publicly. RoseonPadTik is a LICENSED launchpad and they comply with strict AML and KYC processes. RoseonPad has been trusted to become the launchpad of so many promising cryptocurrency projects and committed to doing the same thing or even better in the future.

Find Roseon Finance on:

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