Mads x Setio Review

The line didn’t end yet and still growing and growing. Please give a warm welcome to Setio Review, an Indonesian YouTuber with thousands of subscribers to become the Key Opinion Leader of our will-launch-in-a-few-days investment firm, Mad’s Crypto Capital.

Setio Review will become our tip of the spear on our expansion to this new horizon of us, connecting thousands of his subscribers to us Madians. And of course, this will not be an easy and steady ride for both of us, but this exciting journey is worth to try.

Setio Review is an Indonesian YouTuber that has been committed to bring good quality cryptocurrency contents — especially NFTs and Play to Earns — to his thousands of viewers, subscribers, and community since 2020. He also educates and introduces cryptocurrency projects to his community through his YouTube channel, Telegram Group, and Discord.

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