MUNDO is a blockchain-based open world fantasy MMORPG free to play, play to earn game where anyone can earn tokens through grinding and skilled pvp gameplay. Player can grind 24/7, battle, raise pet companion, raid bosses, hunt for rare NFT’s in-game and so much more.
Mundo token is a Game-based community token developed mainly to create a safe haven for game lovers. Our main goal is to provide people with a safe and trustworthy place where they can use their token for rewards and buying or selling of NFT’s.
As a gaming community developed token, Mundo focus on the needs of their game lover community members. Mundo is an upcoming next level blockchain game aimed at bringing cryptocurrency and smart contract-based protocols to the mainstream. The platform utilizes the Binance Smart Chain for transactions, giving unprecedented flexibility and speed. BSC is the most advanced blockchain solution for smart Contracts that allows low fees and fast transactions.
Mundo offer Gaming with no human or corporate entity in the intermediary. The system is secure, and the software and transactions have been shown to be fair and reliable. It’s easy to conclude why Mundo Token is the future of the gaming business when you consider how easy it is to earn money by participating in Mundo game or by selling or selling NFT’s.

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