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PlayerOne is a sandbox gaming platform based on blockchain technology. It is divided into four sections: strong creative tools, vibrant social scenes, accessible trade marketplaces, and a Play to Earn gaming system. PlayerOne is constructing a world with an open metaverse. Everyone in this world may make special objects and structures, transfer original NFT works into Metaverse, enjoy NFT works by the world’s top artists, and converse with like-minded peers online. You may also capture a special pet in the metaverse, take it swimming in the virtual world, or train it, fight alongside it, and let it generate significant revenue for you through PVE or PVP.

  • Features: The production tool includes RoleEditor, SpaceEditor, VoxelEditor, and GameEditor.
  • Cross-platform system: Supports all platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux; no client is required.
  • Low entry barriers: The PlayerOne metaverse world may be experienced with a single link, and a personalized place can be built in five minutes.
  • Platform openness: allows for the import of cross-meta world characters such as 3D NFT characters like Meebits, as well as the creation of new games by developers.

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