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Kill The Zero: Play-to-Earn Game Similar to Pokémon Go with Deflationary Token Economy

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Deflationary Token Economics

As have been said in this article’s title, Kill The Zero adopts a deflationary system in their token economy. We can see this deflationary system through 50% of the total KTZ token supply (KTZ; Kill The Zero’s native token) is allocated will be burned and will gone forever from circulation. That means, through this system, will increase the token rarity and will boost the buying pressure also demand of the KTZ token itself. So that it’s highly possible for KTZ token price surge as the time goes by.

  1. 2% automatically will goes to the liquidity pool, and
  2. Other 1% allocated for the marketing fund of Kill The Zero for the sake of the project’s development

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Can be Played for Free and Earnable

Kill The Zero breaks the wall that always has been become the issue of play-to-earn gamers, that is required to spend money or capital for even just have the access to play the game. In the Kill The Zero ecosystem, everyone can without the need to spend any penny on it first. You can enjoy the Kill The Zero game with zero capital.

Accommodate Game Conceptor

One more thing that makes Kill The Zero is really different from others, i.e they are become a platform for everyone who have a game idea or concept for them pouring their ideas to the Kill The Zero help to build the game. Kill The Zero will make the game ideators’ dreams come true by helping them to build the game they have in mind. The game will be accessible and played by Telegram users across the world. As of now, Kill The Zero has been launched their first Telegram game bot, KTZBot.

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