Urban Racers make a partnerships with HC Labs

One of the most thrilling racing Metaverse on Solana, Urban Racer to announce that they have been partner with HC Labs — one of the top-tier incubators & institutional investors. HC Labs become their strategic partner/incubator accompanying Urban Racer at early stage. with this partnerships, Urban Racers makes one more step ahead to build very thrilling racing games on Solana.

About Urban Racers

Urban Racer is a metaverse project reflecting an underground racing world, which is built on Solana blockchain. The game combines racing with battle royale to make an unique type of racing game. No rule, no limit, no finish line, the most skilled racer is the last man standing and the true champion of this chaotic underground world. Easy to play but hard to be masterful, Urban Racer promises to bring players to cloud nine while still gives them chances to earn decently with their skills.

Urban Racer is developed by the team with 10 years of experience in developing racing games. With a passion for racing, we want to bring a new racing experience to everyone on the Solana blockchain.

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